A sad era in the MOV

Over the last few years, I have noticed that many of the festivals, fairs, homecomings and holiday lighting programs have been begging for help.

Many posts have come out they need more board members and people willing to do set up and take down. Most people do not realize events like Homecoming or Holiday in the Park, plan a year in advance to do these programs.

Over the years I have given many hours to some of the programs. I have noticed as the older folks can not do it any longer, that the younger group is not stepping up and giving their time. The Honey Festival and Harvest Moon almost bit the dust due to the younger group not coming forward and Wood County Rec has taken them over and they are still here.

Over the past 10 years I have given over 400 hours per year to programs and one of them was the Holiday in the Park. Last year we were short on help and I pushed real hard and the lights went up. But due to this, my body bit back and I’m still recovering from this and was not able to help this year. This year the lighting program was short on help and the City of Parkersburg did give help on set up. Most people do not realize it is a non profit group and they do not get any state, county or federal money. All the money they get is from the donation booth. It was started by a group of folks that are now in there 70s and 80s and as they have had to stop doing it, just a handful are still there trying to do it. They truly need more volunteers to come forward, from being on the board, to wiring the display, in set up and take down and doing the ongoing repair once it is up.

As I and my wife drove through there after it opened, many of the local favorites like the dragon, Santa, 12 days and others are missing this year.

If the younger group does not step up, this program could be in the way of the Harvest Moon and Honey Festival.

Most believe this is a city program. It’s not. It is a nonprofit group and run by volunteers and needs more boots on the ground. Last year we went through around 15,000 pull ties, which meant you had to cut about the same number off.

My Christmas wish is folks will step up and join these programs before we lose them.

Bernard Brookover



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