Beware smear campaigns

I can visualize the headlines now: Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are two corrupt Democratic politicians who put a computer server in Ukraine to hack Republican election plans. Folks, studies, investigations, and research will not change the political narrative because some have determined that just repeating the big lie works with the masses.

“Slow Joe” and “the crooked Hunter” make great sound bites but even better, how about “Pocohantas” the fake Indian disguised as the radical liberal Elizabeth Warren who is a Democratic elitist. Well if these terms sound familiar it is because conservative research operations have a nasty nickname for most Democratic officials running for public office.

In fact, the current administration even has nasty names for Republicans like Jeb Bush (Slow Jeb), the Penguin (Mr. Mitt Romney), Little Marco (Marco Rubio)– and every other Democratic or Republican who dares to disagree with him gets the insulting venom treatment. It is just the way it is. Not to worry though, every free world leaders in the U.K., France, Germany and elsewhere get the same sweet kiss.

Thank goodness for Mr. T’s friend in Russia the dictator (Mr. Putin), and (Xi Jinping), the dictator in China and the wonderful Kim Jong-un the dictator in North Korea, who our glorious Mr. T says he loves. Just remember it was not long ago that an American captured by North Korea was sent home brain dead to die.

Remember that and beware of smear campaigns disguised as political editorials.

J. Bruce Fox



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