Elections: Poll workers needed to get the job done

Mountain State residents know how very much is at stake in next month’s primary elections. It is essential we have confidence those elections are secure and conducted in safe, well-run polling places. That is why West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner is hoping more will answer the call to become poll workers in the run-up to May 10 voting.

“Poll workers play a critical role in providing fair and accessible elections for every voter,” Warner said. “The most secure way of casting a ballot in any election is to do so at a safe and secure polling location managed by a group of trained and bipartisan poll workers where every voter is given the opportunity to cast a secret ballot without any influence or pressure from another individual.”

If you have voted in the same polling place for many years, you may have noticed the number of poll workers has decreased a bit, as some of the reliable regulars get a bit older, and not enough new volunteers pick up the slack. But what those men and women do for our elections is essential.

Now is the time for a new batch of poll workers to step up and keep getting the job done.

West Virginians who are properly registered to vote, can read and write in English and are able to attend a poll worker training program for which they will be paid should consider signing up. “Volunteer” isn’t quite the right word, either, as workers are also paid for a full day’s work on Election Day.

Don’t give in to the idea that you are not needed. More than 8,500 poll workers are required for Election Day.

“We will always have a few poll workers who get sick or need to “call off” at the last minute from being a poll worker. That’s why it is so important to have individuals trained and ready to serve as back-up or alternative poll workers,” Warner said.

If you are looking for a way to serve your community and state; and free, fair elections are important to you, go to GoVoteWV.com and look into becoming a poll worker. Your help is sorely needed.


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