Adventure: Don’t waste recruitment effort

Don’t waste recruitment effort

West Virginians are sometimes numb to the wonders that surround us in this incredible state. When we seek adventure, we don’t often turn to our own backyards. But people from across the country do; and state Tourism Secretary Chelsea Ruby wants to take advantage of that love for our state’s wild side.

Beginning this week, a remote worker program will work to recruit out-of-state participants who can do their jobs from anywhere. If they move to the Mountain State, they will receive $12,000 and passes for a year to go whitewater rafting, golfing, rock climbing, horseback riding, skiing, ziplining … just about any outdoor activity they can think of.

“We want to give folks the opportunity to escape big cities,” Ruby said. “In West Virginia, there are no crowded places, long commutes or traffic jams. There’s just plenty of places to put down roots and explore the great outdoors.”

Of course, our connectivity is less than stellar, but there are three work-from-home hubs set up for the program, which is now accepting applicants for the first 50 openings in Morgantown. The other hubs are Shepherdstown and Lewisburg. If you know someone who has just been waiting for such an opportunity, give them a call.

West Virginia has fewer residents now than it did 70 years ago. We are bleeding people.

If Ruby and her team can convince families to move to West Virginia, rather than just going on a weekend adventure, fantastic.

It is a good idea, if lawmakers who claimed they wanted to attract or retain 400,000 residents for the Mountain State can, in turn, avoid wasting it.


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