McKinley: Representative deserves another term

Since 2011, residents of the Mountain State’s 1st Congressional District have known U.S. Rep. David McKinley, R-W.Va., is more concerned with serving THEM, than with seeking out opportunities for headline-grabbing soundbites or picking a fight based on the letter after another politician’s name. In fact, McKinley has been named the 10th most bipartisan member of Congress in one analysis. That is 10th out of 435 people, mind you.

Do not confuse that willingness to work with his colleagues for a tendency toward waffling. McKinley remains the ardent conservative voters want in Washington, D.C. As chairman of the Congressional Coal Caucus and a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, he has an important opportunity to make a difference for West Virginians worried about changes in the industries on which they and their families depend.

Just last month, McKinley told those attending the National Clean Energy Week Policy Makers Symposium that, while he understands the need for a GLOBAL climate solution, we must focus on achieving it in a way that does not sacrifice a pillar of our economy.

Rather than abandoning fossil fuels altogether, McKinley understands “We can continue on this path of innovation and research and can continue reducing our emissions.” He is a realist, who knows it is possible to do what is right for the environment AND the people living in it.

He is not a single-issue politician, however — far from it. He has introduced measures to protect veterans seeking the care they were promised, increase access to telehealth services, require the federal government to buy more U.S.-made goods, help small public water systems and get more COVID-19 relief to those who need it most.

McKinley has been a warrior in the fight against the substance abuse plague that has ravaged our region; but has meanwhile sponsored bills to reduce prescription drug prices. The wellbeing of West Virginians is what matters most.

McKinley does not bow to King Bureaucracy, he does not abandon common sense and compassion, and he does not forget he is working for ALL West Virginians. For those reasons and many more, we endorse him for re-election to the House of Representatives for the Mountain State’s 1st Congressional District.


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