Treasure: Sistersville Ferry a valuable MOV gem

Sistersville Ferry a valuable MOV gem

For more than 200 years, a ferry has moved people across the Ohio River from Sistersville to Fly, Ohio. Though there was a break in the transportation last season, if Pilot Bo Hause has his way, it sounds as though the tradition will continue for quite some time.

Beginning with the July 4 weekend, Hause and crew put the ferry back in action to the delight of approximately 100 customers who took advantage of its return. After all, the ferry is not just a pleasant trip on the river, it is a significantly faster way to get to make the trip — a matter of 4 minutes rather than 40.

Mid-Ohio Valley residents are indeed fortunate to have such a treasure at our disposal. As Hause — whose willingness to work hard not just on the ferry, but for the city of Sistersville is an enormous part of what made this comeback possible –pointed out, for a mere $5 for a vehicle, $4 for motorcycles and $1 for walk-ons, folks get not only the convenience of a short trip but a peek back at what local residents have been experiencing since the early 19th Century.

“I’m proud to be working on it. That is a piece of history, the records indicate that the ferry has been in Sistersville since 1817,” Hause said. “I enjoy running a boat, I meet a lot of nice people. There hasn’t been anyone I didn’t appreciate meeting. Everybody’s nice, they come on to ride history.”

You can’t do that in very many places anymore, ladies and gentlemen. Should you have an opportunity, spend a little time on the river on the Sistersville Ferry soon.


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