Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To local school officials who have rolled with the punches and are trying to figure out the best way to safely return students to school for the upcoming academic year. “We really only have three options: We go to school full time; we go to school sometime; or we don’t go to school at all and we do it remotely,” said Wood County Superintendent Will Hosaflook. Well, three options and the possibility that we will need to move from one to the other at a moment’s notice. So far, our local counties appear to have done a good job planning while taking into account the needs of families who now have a few months of remote learning under their belts at the end of the last academic year. We are glad to see such well-thought-out plans. Here’s hoping we will not need to dig too deep into the playbook.

UP: To those who worked last week to finish the assembly of the new Jackson Memorial Fountain at City Park. Robinson Iron and Alan Stone Co. appear to have done a fantastic job putting together fountain that replaces one originally built in 1905. May the Lady of the Lake look out upon park-goers for another century to come.

DOWN: To the kinds of low-lifes who are reacting to mask orders by behaving in an absolutely disgusting and pathetic manner — doing things like intentionally coughing on books at libraries or berating restaurant and retail workers who would just like to keep safely doing their jobs. Grow up, folks.


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