Be Smart: Follow guidelines and stop the spread

West Virginia now has community spread of COVID-19, and in fact saw its number of confirmed cases nearly double in one day earlier this week. There is no more pretending we have managed to avoid the monster that is attacking the rest of the nation.

According to Dr. Jeff Coben, dean of the School of Public Health at West Virginia University, a nursing home in Monongalia County is all the evidence we need that the virus is circulating among us. No connection has been found between the first resident to test positive and any known carrier. There are now at least 20 cases of the virus at the nursing home — some of them staff members.

“This shows that the virus is going into the community not just from people who have traveled,” explained Carrie Brainard, public information officer for the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department.

If you have been bending the rules a bit in terms of following state orders and guidelines, surely this is enough to make you stop and take seriously your own role in stopping the spread.

While there are still a few irresponsible elected officials hoping to rally their base by pretending guidelines are unnecessary, intelligent West Virginians understand exactly why, for example, guidelines suggest avoiding large gathering like church services. It has nothing to do with an attack on Christians’ right to worship as they please. It is an effective attack on the spread of COVID-19.

Follow Gov. Jim Justice’s order and other guidance to the letter, folks. Be smart, take all precaution, stay safe and stop the spread.


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