Camden Clark Medical Center Births

Dec. 26

* David Bauerbach and Delores Stone, Belpre, baby girl

* Joshua Prunty and Shyla Lott, Rockport, baby boy

* Michael Pernell and Erica Cunningham, Greenwood, baby boy

Dec. 27

* Brian and Rosetta Lott, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Bryan and Brianna Walker, Belpre, baby boy

* Erik Simon and Andrea Bartlett, New Martinsville, baby girl

Dec. 28

* William and Kaitlin Burton, Palestine, W.Va., baby boy

* Vincent and Codie Goots, Williamstown, baby boy

* Lucas Ayers and Fallon Jones, Belleville, baby boy

* Robert Rhodes and Sheena Hall, Spencer, baby girl

* Wesley and Sara McClumphy, Belpre, baby girl

* Seth and Jill sims, St. Marys, baby girl

Dec. 29

* Andrew Welch and Courtney Owens, Pomeroy, baby boy

* Sydney Roberts, Ravenswood, baby boy

Dec. 30

* Preston Dansby and Kiah Morgan, Belpre, baby girl

Jan. 1

* Brooke Kimble, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Ryan and Kayla Patterson, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Carrie Hickel and Justin Thomas, Parkersburg, baby boy

Jan. 2

* Mark Steakley and Vernina Scott, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Natasha Lemley, Parkersburg, baby boy

* Forrest and Kecia Barr, Vienna, baby boy

Jan. 3

* Samuel Warner and Shauna Mincks, Sistersville, baby girl

* Travis and Alyssa Joy, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Randall Siers and Adrena Byler, Parkersburg, baby girl

Jan. 4

* Jason and Virginia Buchholz, St. Marys, baby boy

* Garrett Adkins and Kylee Small, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Mark and Elizabeth DeQuasie, Parkersburg, baby girl