Camden Clark Medical Center Births

Dec. 8

* Jazmen Green, Parkersburg, baby girl

Dec. 11

* Chase and Erica Fragale, Washington, baby boy

* Nathan Lanham and Rachel Greenburg, Ellenboro, baby boy

* Brandon and Mia Redin, Walker, baby boy

Dec. 12

* Dylan Wood and Carolyn Wolf, Parkersburg, baby boy

* Christopher Cooper and Shawna Fothergill, Washington, baby boy

* Todd and Stephanie Taylor, Newport, baby girl

Dec. 13

* Wes and Renee Hughes, Waverly, baby girl

* Kayla Gibbs, Belpre, baby boy

Dec. 14

* Jacob and Katelynn Stevens, Ravenswood, baby girl

* Shawn and Ann Marie Malone, Parkersburg, baby boy

* Carl and Loucille Ashby, Spencer, baby girl

Dec. 15

* Jacob and Samantha Haught, Reedsville, Ohio, baby boy

* Chad Spencer and Cyndie Wade, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Vanessa Utt, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Timothy and Jessica Bevel, Grantsville, baby girl

* Tyler Garner and Lacey Teets, Parkersburg, baby girl

* James and Crystal Shields, Friendly, baby girl

* Jeffrey and Kristy Winland, St. Marys, baby boy

Dec. 17

* Jeremiah Chio and Nicholle McCroby, Parkersburg, baby girl

Dec. 18

* Nathaniel and Megan Vannest, Ravenswood, baby boy

* Willie and Nicole Nelson, Creston, W.Va., baby girl

Dec. 19

* Levi Flowers and Jessica Mick, Marietta, baby girl

* Sean Huffman and Kayla Tanner, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Bradley and Lee Seevers, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Justin and Erika Farnsworth, Parkersburg, baby boy

* Arthur and Jessica Maher, Vienna, baby boy

* Shadd Gilbert and Paige Dunn, Parkersburg, baby boy

Dec. 20

* Kyle and Sarah Lancaster, Parkersburg, baby girl

Dec. 21

* Daulton Self and Joni Wigal, Mineral Wells, baby boy

* Aaron Patton and Jessica Hart, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Chase and Mackenzie Hyde, Pennsboro, baby boy

* Ethan Hall and Shawna Brooks, Marietta, baby girl

Dec. 23

* Ryan Wolfe and Tiffany Redmond, Harrisville, baby girl

Dec. 24

* James and Kayla Zoller, Parkersburg, baby boy

* Jeremy Dye and Lacrisha Kimes, Parkersburg, baby boy

Dec. 26

* Robert and Tiffany Williamson, Williamstown, baby boy

* Robert and Alicia Moat, Marietta, baby boy

* Mark and Molly Still, Parkersburg, baby girl


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