CCMC Births

Nov. 10

* Courtney and Brodi Elder, Parkersburg, Baby Boy.

Nov. 13

* Breanna Shinn and Tyler Griffith, Ripley, Baby Girl.

* Keisha and Denzil Taylor, Nebo W.Va., Baby Girl.

Nov. 14

* Stephanie and Mark House, Belpre, Baby Girl.

* Megan Koehler and Jeffrey Adams, Reedy, W.Va., Baby Boy.

Nov. 15

* Leana and Zachary Taylor, Elizabeth, Baby Boy.

* Shasta Snyder and Gary Forshey, Mineral Wells, Baby Girl.

* Cassidy Patterson and Seth Hanna, Belleville, Baby Boy.

Nov. 16

* Leah Kuhn and James Haddox, Harrisville, Twin Boys.

* Kira Gillenwalters, Marietta, Baby Boy.

Nov. 17

* Dakota and Michael Wilson, Williamstown, Baby Girl.

* Halley Collins, Washington, Baby Girl.

Nov. 18

* Lori VanFosson, Sandyville, Baby Girl.

* Megan and Nicholas Davis, Parkersburg, Baby Boy.

* Jessica and Robert Shockey, Sandyville, Baby Boy.

* Tara Biles and Michael Barker, Parkersburg, Baby Girl.

Nov. 20

* Jaclyn and Travis Righter, Vienna, Baby Girl.

* Sharon and Cody McCoy, Chloe, W.Va., Baby Girl.

* Casi and Chad Oliver, Washington, Baby Boy.

* Lauren and Michael Goff, Pullman, W.Va., Baby Girl.

Nov. 21

* Jannelle and Kevin Walker, Vienna, Baby Girl.


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