Camden Clark Medical Center

Dec. 1

* Quentin and Brittany Dils, Washington, baby girl

* John Bosley III and Ashley Young, Washington, baby girl

Dec. 2

* Cole and Jessica Griffin, West Union, W.Va., baby boy

* Rhonda Parker, New Martinsville, baby girl

* Dakota Litton and Elizabeth Bland, New Martinsville, baby girl

Dec. 3

* Wyatt Kemp and Kylie Martin, Sistersville, baby boy

Dec. 4

* Seth and Katherine Thaxton, Davisville, baby girl

Dec. 5

* Zackery and Glenna Hively, Walker, baby girl

* Todd and Shannan Shaulis, Parkersburg, baby boy

* Marc and Lori Martin, Parkersburg, baby boy

* Steven White and Trinity Marshall, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Steven Caldwell and Haley Snider, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Jonathan and Angela Johnson, Charleston, baby boy

* Jeffery and Francie Looney, Washington, baby girl

Dec. 6

* Stuart Kerns and Jana Hornbeck, Parkersburg, baby boy

* Matthew and Lisa Richards, Parkersburg, baby boy

* Harvey Wells and Rebecca Burdine, New Martinsville, baby boy

Dec. 7

* Ryan and Dalye Venham, Belpre, baby boy

* Mattea Hastings, Parkersburg, baby boy

Dec. 8

* Jeremiah Hardbarger and Marresha Tilahun, Parkersburg, baby girl


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