Camden Clark Medical Center Births

Oct. 31

* Janie Cokeley and Michael Simons Jr, Belpre, Baby Boy.

Nov. 1

* Jessica and Epson Espinosa, Vienna, Baby Boy.

* Angela McCoy and James Meade, Parkersburg, Baby Girl.

Nov. 2

* Emily and Joseph Bailey, Parkersburg, Baby Boy.

* Michelle Henry, Parkersburg, Baby Girl.

Nov. 3

* Christina and Matthew Elkins, Sandyville, Baby Girl.

* Katherine Czerr, Vienna, Baby Girl.

Nov. 6

* Eve Cottrill, Spencer, Baby Girl.

* Chloe and Floyd Dennis, Parkersburg, Baby Boy.

* Heather and Brandon McIntyre, Parkersburg, Baby Boy.

* Moriah Beach and Justin Starkey, Parkersburg, Baby Girl.

Nov. 7

* Chantel and Ryan Rader, Vienna, Baby Girl.

* Monica Robertson and Joshua Duley, Parkersburg, Baby Girl.

Nov. 8

* Kayla and Carl Dearth, Vienna, Baby Girl.

Nov. 9

* Rachel Lent and Christopher Sargent, Parkersburg, Baby Boy.

* Shelby Hess, Parkersburg, Baby Girl.

* Charlotte and Ian Sweet, Saint Marys, Baby Boy.

Nov. 10

* Laken and Dustin Boram, Washington, Baby Boy.

* Darcie and Damon Fonner, Vienna, Baby Boy.

Nov. 11

* Michelle Wilt, Vienna, Baby Boy.

Nov. 12

* Crystal Channel and Johnny Beehler, Parkersburg, Baby Girl.

Nov. 13

* Jessilyn Kiggans and David Skinner, Saint Marys, Baby Boy.

Nov. 14

* Sarah Cottrell and Tyler Lynn, Parkersburg, Baby Boy.


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