CCMC Births

Sept. 20

* Jacob Yeater and Amber Spencer, Parkersburg, baby boy

Sept. 26

* Andrew Glaspell and Teya Canty, Parkersburg, baby girl

Sept. 27

* Tyler Dillon and Heather Riffle, Williamstown, baby girl

* Delmar and Kayla McCoy, Parkersburg, twin girls

Sept. 28

* Daniel Westfall and Hannah Hobbs, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Kyle Harris and Martha Sheppard, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Christopher Stutler and Kody Coone, Vienna, baby girl

* Wilson Moore and Tasha Caplinger, Parkersburg, baby girl

Sept. 29

* Amanda Pettit, St. Marys, baby girl

Oct. 2

* Ashley Hurst, Marietta, baby boy

* Ivan Midcap and Sara Hickel, Parkersburg, baby girl

* Adam and Kerry Farnsworth, Belpre, baby girl

* Krista Thomas, Williamstown, baby boy


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