CCMC Births

Sept. 7

∫ Seth Fullerton and Hannah Nelson, Parkersburg, baby boy

Sept. 8

∫ Donna Breedlove, Belleville, baby boy

∫ Christopher and Elena Jones, Ellenboro, baby girl

Sept. 9

∫ Cory and Bree Burton, Ravenswood, baby boy

Sept. 11

∫ Richard and Jacqueline Timmis, Harrisville, baby boy

Sept. 12

∫ Brooke O’Connell, Ravenswood, baby girl

∫ Robert and Sheena Cantwell, Vienna, baby girl

∫ Alyzha Norman and Felicia Kelley, Parkersburg, baby boy

∫ Monica Rice, St. Marys, baby girl

∫ Tony and Racheal Morrison, Vienna, baby boy

Sept. 13

∫ Ethan and Kaitlynn Barbarow, Sistersville, baby boy

∫ Katilynn Gibson, Parkersburg, baby girl

∫ Ted and Victoria Cochran, Ripley, baby girl

Sept. 14

∫ Skylyn Beers, Parkersburg, baby boy

∫ Hailey Nicholson, Pennsboro, baby girl

∫ Kenneth Ditty and Mikayla Winters, Ravenswood, baby girl

∫ Robert and Kristi Edwards, Parkersburg, boy

∫ Fred Heiss and Megan Clarke, Beverly, baby boy

Sept. 15

∫ Shawn Haynes and Erin Tucker, Wood, baby boy

∫ Correna Brogdon, Elizabeth, baby girl

Sept. 17

∫ Casey and Crystal Guice, Davisville, baby boy

Sept. 18

∫ Joshua and Deidre Johnson, Stockport, baby girl

∫ Brittany Collins, Parkersburg, baby boy


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