Camden Clark Medical Center

May 17

∫ Ashley White, Parkersburg, baby boy

∫ Maurice Gray and Kadalina McGary, Parkersburg, baby girl

May 19

∫ Trey Rice and Hannah Foland, St. Marys, baby girl

∫ Colby Dight and Chauntay Dillon, Mineral Wells, baby boy

∫ Cody and Leona Owens, Harrisville, baby girl

∫ Robert Wiseman II and Bailey Barnhart, Belpre, baby boy

May 20

∫ Douglas Cunningham and Stacey Mixer, Parkersburg, baby girl

May 21

∫ Russell Young and Alayna White, Ripley, baby boy

May 22

∫ Katlyn Knight, Parkersburg, baby girl

Cody and Brianna Batten, Parkersburg, baby boy

May 23

∫ Kenny and Christina Lumeyer, Parkersburg, baby girl

∫ Gabriel and Michelle Kirby, Williamstown, baby girl

∫ Auston Crouch and Tonda Cunningham, Parkersburg, baby girl

∫ Jason and Brooke Kimes, Long Bottom, Ohio, baby boy

∫ Christopher Fain and Selena VanHoose, Parkersburg, twin boys

∫ Gabriel and Brianna Riffle, Given, W.Va., baby boy

∫ Steven Sims and Logan Jones, Brohard, W.Va., baby boy

May 24

∫ Noah and Kayla Spitzer, St. Marys, baby girl

∫ Nathaniel and Cassey Westfall, Mineral Wells, baby boy

∫ Nathan Knotts and Morgan Powell, Washington, W.Va., baby boy

∫ Ronald and Ashley Roush, Parkersburg, baby boy

∫ Erik and Trinity Poling, Pullman, W.Va., baby girl

May 25

∫ Patrick and Sarah Heavner, Vienna, baby girl

∫ Steven Vincent and Makayla Bell, Parkersburg, baby girl

May 26

∫ Kevin and Tia Townsend, Williamstown, baby girl

∫ Daniel Bolen and Kayla Southerly, Friendly, W.Va., baby girl

∫ Jonathan and Michelle Long, Ravenswood, baby boy

∫ Mark and Cindy Blouir, Parkersburg, baby girl

May 27

∫ Adam and Laura Lookabaugh, Parkersburg, baby boy


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