CCMC Births

April 10

Dylan Hunt and Chloe Allen, Parkersburg, baby girl

Alisha Flinn, Parkersburg, baby boy

April 11

Jesse Bowen and Ashley Lockhart, Parkersburg, baby girl

Joshua and Kiernan Cline, Harrisville, W.Va,, twin girls

April 24

Stephanie Davis, Parkersburg, baby girl

April 25

Brian Owens and Siona Osborne, Harrisville, W.Va,, baby girl

April 26

Stephen Henderson and Dakota Hefner, Vienna, baby girl

Jonathan and Ashley White, Amesville, Ohio, baby boy

Justin Lumbard and Amanda Vinson, Spencer, W.Va,, baby girl

April 28

Eric Hardman and Addie Adkins, Parkersburg, baby girl

Joshua and Katie Edman, Parkersburg, baby girl

Ryan and Sarah Stark, Little Hocking, baby boy

May 1

Cody Smarr and Whitney Hardbarger, Davisville, W.Va., baby boy

Jeffrey and Makayla Starcher, Parkersburg, baby boy

Larry Bills and Erika Starcher, Williamstown, baby girl

David and Athia Settle, Parkersburg, baby girl

May 2

Jessica Gardner, Ravenswood, baby boy

Chris Garrett and Kelly Capell, Grantsville, W.Va., baby girl

Derrick Wade and Amber Smith, New Martinsville, baby girl

May 3

Stephen and Courtney Givens, Belpre, baby girl

Justin and Anna Papania, Vienna, baby boy

Mark McClung and Amanda Cooke, Parkersburg, baby boy

Michael Morales and Jessica Uhl, Walker, W.Va., baby girl

May 4

David Richards and Aleeha Miller, Parkersburg, baby girl

Bradley and Brooke Terrell, Parkersburg, baby girl

Collin Walker and Carrie Plummer, Vincent, baby boy

Jeremy and Kayleigh Ticknor, Ravenswood, baby boy

May 5

Jason Leidy and Lindsy Dowler, Parkersburg, baby boy

Bradley and Sabrina Gruber, Walker, W.Va,, baby boy

May 6

Aaron and Judy Whited, Parkersburg, baby boy

May 8

Kenneth Kelley and Nevada Canterbury, Palestine, W.Va., baby boy

Kayla Day, Parkersburg, baby girl

May 9

Darren Biles Jr. and Kristen Waggoner, Belpre, baby girl

Richard and Siera Carpenter, Parkersburg, baby girl

Dylan Craft and Leslie Kafka, Spencer, W.Va., baby girl

May 10

Brandon and Victoria Stull, Washington, W.Va., baby girl


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