Wood County reports 666 active COVID cases

CHARLESTON — Active cases of the COVID-19 virus were at 666 Monday morning in Wood County, an increase of 76 since Friday, the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources said in its pandemic update.

Active cases statewide were at 16,732, an increase of nearly 3,000 new cases since the last report on Friday when active cases were reported at 13,766.

Cases in Wood County have been rising for several weeks, with 590 active cases on Friday.

All counties in the region posted increases in active cases since the last report. Tyler County jumped from 120 to 160 and Wetzel County from 283 to 313, according to the latest pandemic report. Roane County increased from 89 to 120 cases.

Link to COVID-19 report

Jackson and Ritchie counties posted increases of 25 cases, from 103 to 128 in Jackson and from 51 to 76 in Ritchie.

Active cases in other local counties on Monday (previous report): Calhoun, 54 (46); Doddridge, 40 (33); Gilmer, 46 (36); Pleasants, 55 (46); and Wirt, 28 (27.)

The hospitalization numbers in the pandemic report were revised during the governor’s briefing on Monday morning. Hospitalizations were 640, up about 60 from the report, with 203 people in an intensive care unit, more than 20 than in the initial report, officials said.

Most counties were red, the highest level of infection rates, in the County Alert System map. Thirty-five counties are red; 18 are orange, second-highest level; and two are yellow.

All counties in the region were either red or orange. Wood, Tyler, Wetzel, Ritchie, Jackson, Calhoun and Roane are red, and Pleasants, Wirt and Doddridge are orange.

The state is recording breakthrough cases, in people who are infected despite being vaccinated. But most of the people in the hospital have not been vaccinated, state health officials said.

In Wood County, there have been 173 breakthrough cases, representing 0.02 percent of the people fully vaccinated. Two breakthrough deaths have been recorded in Wood County.

In other counties: Calhoun, 10 breakthrough cases, no deaths; Doddridge, 11 breakthrough cases, no deaths; Gilmer, 30 breakthrough cases, no deaths; Jackson, 57 breakthrough cases, one death; Pleasants, 18 breakthrough cases, no deaths; Ritchie, 18 breakthrough cases, no deaths; Roane, 23 breakthrough cases, no deaths; Tyler, 38 breakthrough cases, no deaths; Wetzel, 59 breakthrough cases, no deaths; Wirt, 13 breakthrough cases, no deaths.

Statewide, there are 5,056 breakthrough cases, 0.55 percent of those fully vaccinated, with 69 deaths.

Vaccinations are the only solution to stop the pandemic and the deaths, Gov. Jim Justice said during his briefing Monday.

“There is no other pathway out of this,” he said.

The delta variant of the virus is becoming the predominant mutation infecting people. Monday’s pandemic report said 854 cases of the variant have so far been found in West Virginia.

Fifty-eight of the delta variant cases are in Wood County, making it No. 2 in the state.

Berkeley County has the most delta variants, 114. Fifty-two variant cases are in Kanawha County and 50 are in Monongalia.

Delta variants in local counties: Calhoun, two; Doddridge, four; Gilmer, five; Jackson, 22; Pleasants, five; Ritchie, two; Roane, one; Tyler, four; Wetzel, 10; Wirt, none.

There is a delay between the reporting of positive cases and the type of variant due to the longer time needed to determine the virus’ genetic sequence.

The state reported 20 more deaths from the virus since the last report, which included 10 from a reconciliation by the Bureau of Public Health with death certificates. One of those was a 75-year-old man from Pleasants County.

The youngest of the new reports were a 35-year-old woman from Monongalia County and a 44-year-old man from Randolph County. Other deaths were from Fayette, Kanawha, Braxton, Cabell, Ohio, Raleigh, Marshall and Hancock counties.

“As we send our condolences to these grieving families, we remind West Virginians that a COVID-19 vaccine is the best protection from getting very sick with COVID,” said Bill J. Crouch, DHHR Cabinet Secretary. “I urge all state residents who have not yet received their vaccine to schedule an appointment.”


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