Wood County Adult Learning Center celebrates with open house

Bill Monterosso, Executive Director Workforce Development Board, from left, Wood County Adult Learning Center instructor Tanner Hunter, Mendy Marshall, Executive Director, Learning Center instructors Melissa Everly, Deanna Addis and Julie Hagan, Regional Adult Education Coordinator, cut a ribbon for the Learning Center’s open house on Tuesday afternoon. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

PARKERSBURG — Unable to host a similar event last year due to COVID-19 at its new location, the Wood County Adult Learning Center had an open house on the sixth floor of St. Joseph’s landing at 600 18th St. on Tuesday afternoon.

Combining the two previous locations known as Lincoln and Lakeview Adult Learning Center in the summer of 2019, the center moved to St. Joseph’s when WorkForce also moved into the building earlier in that year.

Offering free educational opportunities to adult learners and being partners with WorkForce, the center has to be in the same location as the office under the WorkForce Innovation Opportunity Act.

“We joined the Workforce One Stop Center last summer. But unfortunately due to COVID, we could not have a proper open house. So now that restrictions are a little looser, we decided as the school year begins,” said Julie Hagan, Regional Adult Education Coordinator. “It’s time to celebrate with our partners with the Workforce Development brought in, and the other partners that are located in St. Joe’s. We just want to celebrate and let everybody know that we are here and happy to serve.”

Some of the programs offered through the Learning Center include: high school equivalency test preparation, Microsoft Office, Adobe, Intuit QuickBooks certifications, job readiness certifications, and teaching transferable skills that all employers are looking for.

“We have high school equivalency prep, we have computer certifications, we have job readiness certifications, such as customer service, we have ‘Bring your A game,’ which is more about those transferable skills that all employers are looking for,” said Adult Learning Center instructor Deanna Addis.

“We offer different classes to get people into the workforce. That’s our main goal is to get people employable. If anybody is struggling with reading or math, they definitely want to give us a call and we’ll see if we can assist them,” Addis said.

The learning center also offers English as a second language and literacy classes. English as a second language is available for non-native English-speaking adults classes and is taught by Melissa Everly.

All classes and certifications offered by both locations are free. Many distance education and virtual learning opportunities are also available at no cost for those who are unable to attend during class hours. Along with offering free parking to students, the location can also be available through the bus.

For more information, contact the Adult Learning Center by calling (304) 834-1019.


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