West Virginia Division of Highways buys six new dump trucks

Six new cleaner burning diesel dump trucks have been purchased for the West Virginia Division of Highways through a federal Diesel Emissions Reduction Act grant of $317,241. The trucks will replace six older vehicles that will be used for parts. (Photo Provided)

CHARLESTON — The West Virginia Division of Highways has six new clean diesel dump trucks acquired through the cooperation of the state departments of Environmental Protection and Transportation.

Environmental Protection through the federal Diesel Emissions Reduction Act acquired $317,241 to buy new, state-of-the-art diesel vehicles. The act allows government agencies to replace older diesel vehicles with more modern, cleaner-burning technology.

“It’s helped our operation by having new trucks, but it’s also helped the environment by reducing our carbon emissions,” Transportation Secretary Byrd White said. “We are proud of this effort because, by working together, we are saving taxpayer money and also doing our part to limit our environmental impact.”

Government agencies can retire older diesel equipment two years sooner than scheduled and replace them with cleaner, green technology vehicles. The new vehicles burn less fuel and have lower emissions than existing trucks, resulting in a smaller environmental impact.

Federal funding and matching funds allowed the Division of Highways to replace six older tandem-axle dump trucks.

The retired trucks will not be sold for use elsewhere. Under the requirements of the grant, the frames of the retired vehicles are cut and holes are bored into the engines to prevent the trucks from being reused. The remainder of the vehicles are used for spare parts.


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