Candidates vying to be Vienna mayor, city recorder

VIENNA — On Election Day, the city of Vienna will feature two candidates running for mayor and two running for city recorder.


Mike Smith

Age: 59

Address: 3400 34th Street

Marital Status/Family: Single father of two daughters

Occupation: Retired, Pipeline construction company for over 40 years

Previous Offices Held If Any: N/A

“I am not a politician but I am a business person,” Smith said. “I know a lot of things and a lot of people in Vienna so I have lots of reasons to help.”

Smith, who has worked with environmental engineers and has been the overseer of workers in his past position on the pipeline, cites extensive experience with budgeting, financing and planning for major projects.

“I can save the city of Vienna money this way … getting projects completed and getting things done,” Smith said.

Smith’s agenda emphasizes attention given to improving infrastructure such streets, sidewalks and the stormwater drainage system. Smith also wants to prioritize giving the citizens of Vienna a clear financial plan and outlined the future for the Johns Manville and Spencer’s Landing properties.

“I am here for the people and we work for the people and their opinion and their input is the most important,” Smith said. “Transparency and accountability are the main goals.”


Randall Rapp


Age: 66

Address: 4106 Third Avenue

Marital Status/Family: Married for 42 years with two daughters

Occupation: Former business owner of multiple Chevron gas stations

Previous Offices Held If Any: 16 years total — 8 years (two terms) as Mayor of Vienna, City Recorder for 8 years prior.

“I like my job and I love my city,” Rapp said. “I think the projects we’ve started for example at Spencer’s Landing are exciting and I’m looking forward to developing it and I think it’s gonna be a great asset.”

Rapp referenced his work as mayor in correlation to the high rankings for the city of Vienna for quality of life and safety.

He cites continued work on improvement of infrastructure, the redevelopment of the Grand Central Mall and the Johns Manville property as key issues he will work on if re-elected.

“I want to get as many streets paved as possible and improve the storm water system,” Rapp said.



Cathy Smith


Age: 68

Address: 711 41st street

Marital Status/Family: Three children and three grandsons

Occupation: Office Manager for the Vienna Police Department for over 30 years; worked for the VA

Previous Offices Held If Any: Vienna City Councilmember from 2001-2012; Vienna City Recorder since 2012

“I am very versed and knowledgeable for the duties required for the office of recorder,” Smith said. “I have worked for the city of Vienna for so long and I know the ins and the outs of the departments.”

Smith prides herself on her detail-oriented nature and her ability to maintain records meticulously and accurately and believes these are assets for the position of City Recorder.

“I am knowledgeable about the inter-workings and I think that is very important … I have had the pleasure to maintain that and build that knowledge,” Smith said.


Melissa Elam

Age: 43

Address: 926 20th street

Marital Status/Family: Married to Mike Elam for 17 years with two sons

Occupation: Volunteer Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity

Previous Offices Held If Any: N/A

“I am running because I kind of feel like why would I wait … I have some fresh ideas and I want to be involved,” she said.

“Sometimes I think the government takes a life of its own and I don’t know if newcomers are intimidated by that but I am not,” Elam said. “I want to be a part of leadership on the city level.”

Elam believes that her administrative experience, inquisitive nature, conservative spending tendencies and financial organization would be important assets for City Recorder.

“I am diligent,” Elam said. “Whether it is a small task or a large task I do it with the same integrity and excellence and I am a good listener and I am fair.”

Jenna Pierson can be reached at jpierson@newsandsentinel.com


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