Wood County Schools ending own color-coded virus system

PARKERSBURG — Superintendent Will Hosaflook and the Wood County Board of Education announced Tuesday that Wood County schools will be dropping the local district’s color-coded system to eliminate confusion with the state’s school alert system map.

The district’s Stoplight System of green, yellow, and red will be replaced with “in-person,” “blended” and “remote” learning.

“There has been an enormous amount of confusion with our color-coding system.,” Hosaflook said Tuesday. “We have been on a yellow schedule and all of a sudden, the (West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources) puts out a map that would have all these colors and that’s going to end. So the first thing we want to establish is very minor, but I think it will end an enormous amount of confusion is to do away with our color-coded schedule,” he said.

“What I mean by that is we’re just going to say, green is full-time, yellow is blended and red is remote, that’s it. So we will not use our colors anymore, just the words. I think people would appreciate that we will go away because it is confusing. If you looked at our data over the last four weeks, we have been green, we’ve been yellow a couple of days, but surface back up to the green.”

The shift does not change any of the three learning formats or their requirements, only how they will be referred to in future announcements from Wood County Schools, he said.

Wood County Schools will still be using the blended learning format for the foreseeable future.

“In-person” is school as normal, with all students attending four or five days a week. Students and faculty will still have to have to wear a mask on buses and in common areas, as well as during times when social distancing cannot be maintained.

“Blended” is when students attend on-campus two days per week and receive off-campus instruction three days a week.

“Remote” means students are engaged in learning five days a week off-campus.

Officials hope the move will eliminate confusion between the district’s announcements and the West Virginia re-entry map which uses color codes to show the rate of community spread of COVID-19 in the state’s 55 counties.

Tyler Bennett can be reached at tbennett@newsandsentinel.com


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