Potato chip maker produces special bag honoring veterans

Potato chips at the Mister Bee Potato Chip Company in Parkersburg are separated before being bagged at the local plant Tuesday. (Photo by Brett Dunlap)

PARKERSBURG — Mister Bee Potato Chip Company in Parkersburg began producing a special bag of its original potato chips this week that honors veterans and those in the military.

The company is donating 10 percent of the cost of a bag of these chips to the United Service Organizations (USO). The company is producing 250,000 bags, which is around $50,000 to the USO.

”At Mister Bee we are proud to honor our military and our veterans,” said owner Mary Anne Ketelsen. ”We want to thank each and every one of you.”

She and her husband will match the contribution to the USO, a nonprofit organization that helps veterans and their families.

The bag features a picture of a child holding the hand of their parent who serves in the military. Ketelsen said families are involved in the service of a family member.

On Tuesday, Shirley Sutphin, an employee at the Mister Bee Potato Chip Company, boxes new bags of potato chips the company is selling to raise money for the USO. (Photo by Brett Dunlap)

The USO provides morale and recreational services to veterans and disabled veterans.

Veterans groups around the state are involved in a “Chip Challenge” event to help what Mister Bee is doing.