Lineage society expands to Jackson County

Members of the newly formed West Augusta Society for the West Virginia Children of the American Revolution in Ripley are, front, from left, Jillian Kennedy, Chase Gandee, CoraJean Heilmann, Ben Neal, Nathan Tennant and Alivia Hayes. Back, Mason Gandee, Lincoln Heilmann, Cole Neal, Carter Neil, Victoria Tennant, Aurora Tennant and Abigail Kennedy. (Photo by Alisha Hayes and Leann Klein)

RIPLEY — An organization with a heritage from the American Revolution is trying to locally build up its numbers.

The West Virginia State Society Children of the American Revolution recently announced the establishment of the West Augusta Society of Jackson County. It is a part of the National Society Children of the American Revolution.

It has 13 members from Jackson and Wood counties and is looking for more members, said Carolyn Flinn, senior organizing president. Members range in age from 6 to 16.

”(The organization) is a lineage society like Daughters of the American Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution and Sons of the Revolution,” she said.

To be a member a person must be able to document and trace a family line to a Revolutionary patriot, she said.

”A Revolutionary patriot was a person who fought in the Revolutionary War or served in another way. They may have paid a supply tax or provided soldiers with food or supplies. They may have been a spy,” she said.

Six other societies have been established across the state.

”We hope to add children from nearby counties as well,” Flinn said. ”The children will be learning Robert’s Rules for conducting meetings.

”Touring museums and learning early American history are in our plans. There will be both a member and a senior leader for each office. The senior leader is responsible for helping the member officer,” Flinn said. “The children will also have the opportunity to serve on various committees.”

In addition to Flinn, the West Augusta Society also has Becky Neal as senior vice president; Brenda Cheuvront as senior registrar; Alisha Hayes as senior recording secretary; Marjie Parsons, senior correspondent secretary; Grace Arthur as senior treasurer; Sandy Isner-Johnson as senior chaplain; and Selma Humphreys as librarian-curator.

The Children of the American Revolution has goals of preserving history and performing service projects, Flinn said.

The organization was founded in the late 1800s to instill patriotic values in the youth of America. Its mission is to train good citizens, develop leaders and promote love of the United States of America and its heritage among young people.

”This is a program of service,” Flinn said. ”The children will be involved in programs to help others. One example would be Jackson County’s Hunting for Heroes, a hunting program for veterans held in the fall.”

The group will hold regular meetings that will be open to prospective members. Dates have not been determined.

”I plan to have an informational meeting for the public at the Wood County Library this spring or early summer,” Flinn said. ”We are excited to add new members. I hope you have children interested in becoming members.”

Information about the organization is at nscar.org. For more information about the West Augusta Society of Jackson County, call 304-863-6326 or email farmgirlwv@yahoo.com.


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