Doddridge, Calhoun counties pass ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ status

GRANTSVILLE — The Doddridge and Calhoun County commissions voted to make their communities a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

The resolution “gives people a little bit of reassurance that we are not going to support any kind of legislation or laws that infringe on the freedom or rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment,” Calhoun County Sheriff Jeff Starcher said.

Starcher drafted the proposal on Jan. 27 and presented it to the commission during its meeting Monday morning where it was voted to be passed.

“I have been approached by several residents vocalizing their support for this,” Starcher said. “Here in our local area, some of the surrounding areas have passed their own resolution; some of our citizenry here has requested we do the same.”

The resolution was modeled after Putnam County’s, Starcher said.

The Second Amendment involves the right to bear arms.

For the Doddridge County community, the commission voted on the matter during its meeting Feb. 4.

Commissioner Ronnie Travis said several community members approached him saying they wanted this to happen for their county.

“We all three agreed that we think it’s right,” Travis said. “There’s a lot of people who fought for the second amendment.”

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Betsy Shaw drafted the proclamation and the county commission unanimously approved it, Travis said.

Many community members are voicing their support for the sanctuary status. Travis said 20 or 30 community members approached him saying they support the decision.


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