Garrett replaces Lowe on Wirt County Commission

ELIZABETH — Wirt County native Nikki Garrett was appointed as a county commissioner on Sept. 3 after the passing of Commissioner Robert Lowe in early August.

Garrett shares a love for the county that prompted her decision to become a part of the Wirt County government. “I love people, especially my hometown,” Garrett said.

Once she received the news of her new position, Garrett’s first thoughts were “God has a plan.” She feels that she is there for a reason to do all she can in the minimum of 15 months she will serve. She’s hopeful that she will be able to continue her service to the county after the election.

A county commission seat is Garrett’s first endeavor with career politics. She currently works as an insurance agent at Reed-Sturm Insurance in Elizabeth.

As a lifelong resident of the county, Garrett has high hopes for helping the community. Garrett was appointed on a temporary basis and will run as a Republican in the 2020 election to keep the position on the commission.

Garrett is looking forward to the campaigning process. “I love to visit with people. I’m excited about it,” she said.

Several community members have showed their support toward Garrett for her position. “We have a wonderful community,” she said. Any time the area has dealt with heartache or bad situations, “the community is 100 percent supportive,” Garrett said.

With the new appointment, there’s been a great amount of support, she said and that is humbling.

A close relationship with Lowe, Garrett’s cousin, helped to inspire her involvement in the commission. Garrett said she and Lowe spoke occasionally over the past couple years about her running for office.

Some of the comments she received after being appointed centered on that Lowe knew she would do a good job. “Those were the touching comments,” she said. “There’s big shoes to fill.”

Garrett, of Elizabeth, has a few ideas for the community. She said she would like Elizabeth to be more than a town that travelers pass through. She hopes to see businesses, churches and schools flourish.

Some organizations, such as the Wirt County Recovery Team, solely rely on donations to function. Garrett explained that in terms of the donations received around the area, “that’s what happens when you have God in your community.”

She shared her excitement toward working with the other commissioners. “(They’re) great people. I feel that they’ve done a great job so far.”

She said that she loves collaborating with other people and that she looks forward to working with the organizations in the area.

Garrett feels that there’s a great deal of potential in the county. “I’m anxious to dig in,” Garrett said.