Commissioners to pay off debt on vehicles

PARKERSBURG — The Wood County Commission is planning to pay off some debt on around 19 cars it had purchased over the last few years.

The county purchased the vehicles with help from its coal severance funds which had loans on the vehicles over three different lease periods, County Clerk Mark Rhodes said.

“We are going to pay off all of those outstanding leases,” he said.

“We have the money now to be able to pay them off,” Commission President Blair Couch added.

By doing this the county will save around $24,000 on interest, Rhodes said.

Plans were being made to do this during the recent budgeting process.

Couch said the ending balance for this year was greater than anticipated and the commission wanted to be able to pay off some debt.

Rhodes said the county’s expenditures have been down somewhat from the Regional Jail and other expenditures have been down.

“We had some money and plan to put it to some good use,” he said.


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