Ravenswood exhibit puts focus on ailing artist

Katrena Ramsey, superintendent for Ravenswood Board of Parks and Recreation, gives a tour of the art exhibit at City Hall which shows work from Jim Bowers. (Photo by Candice Black)

RAVENSWOOD — Sculptures, oil paintings, sketches and pen and ink drawings from the creative mind of Jim Bowers were celebrated Sunday afternoon as the Ravenswood Board of Parks and Recreation kicked off its second art exhibit at City Hall.

Bowers received a terminal diagnosis earlier this year and it was decided to showcase his art to the community while raising money for his children to go to college.

The exhibit was arranged as a reflection of Bowers’ life with pieces that range in time from when he was 12 years old up until a few months ago.

Family and community members came to take in the artwork amidst a background of guitar music played on a guitar gifted by Bowers.

His cousins, Maci and Logan Mosser, a couple of models for his artwork, came out to look at Bowers’ artwork through the years.

This sketch is the most recent work from Jim Bowers. Bowers received a terminal diagnosis in January. Prints of select paintings are available for purchase to benefit his family. (Photo by Candice Black)

“I just think about how much time it would take to do all of it,” Maci said.

She said there were a few pieces she hadn’t seem before but she really liked the pieces he did during his high school years which were on display with his letterman’s jacket.

Logan has a Bowers piece in his home which is Wolverine themed since he and the main character share the same name.

Melanie Mosser, Maci and Logan’s mother, said it was incredible to experience the exhibit.

“I think it’s absolutely incredible that we were able to showcase different periods of his life. You can see stuff, all the way back from high school, how talented he was,” Melanie said. “He was blessed with talent.”

Logan and Maci Mosser, the inspiration for the chef and ballerina paintings, pose with their portraits as they support the art exhibit featuring work from Jim Bowers. (Photo by Candice Black)

The main theme throughout the exhibit is family. The most recent paintings he finished were of his family members as a way to leave behind a legacy and memories for them.

“Several of these sketches, that’s just him sitting in a chair at Christmas or Thanksgiving drawing sketches of his family members,” Melanie said.

Bowers also pays homage to his hometown of Ravenswood by adding the street name of where he used to sit by the river and paint.

“When he was in high school, he would go along the bank and sit and sketch and draw, he wanted to pay tribute to Ravenswood to keep that in his drawings,” Melanie said.

Prints of select paintings can be purchased with all of them proceeds going to the family. An 8X10 canvas is $25, a 11X14 canvas is $50 and the 16X20 size is $75.

Katrena Ramsey can be reached at jkramsey@casinternet.net for a monetary donation.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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