‘Yarn bomb’ decorations weave Parkersburg together

Photo by Evan Bevins The flash from the camera lights the yarn art on a tree at Eighth and Market streets in Parkersburg, which is among the pieces on display until Monday after Easter in the Parkersburg Community Yarn Bombing, a celebration of spring and the community. The reflective yarn was donated by Kreinik Manufacturing in Parkersburg, a world-renown maker of threads.

PARKERSBURG — The decorative yarn art around town is intended to highlight the community and rejoice that spring has arrived, say organizers who plan it to be an annual event.

Parkersburg Community Yarn Bombing was the creation of organizers Rina Goins and Kim van Rijn, who were aided by numerous volunteers who made the hundreds of pieces necessary. Located around town at various places, the art work will start coming down after Easter Sunday, with the pieces in the downtown taking about a week, and will be boxed to be used another day, Goins said.

“I thank my volunteers who put many, many hours in this,” she said.

Knitters and crocheters began knitting and crocheting earlier this year, including at programs and classes at the Parkersburg Art Center, she said. It was a major undertaking and next year they’ll start earlier, Goins said.

They worked Tuesday evenings at the Art Center from Feb. 27 to March 13. People also donated items they made in the past, but didn’t know what to do with them, Goins said.

Photo by Evan Bevins The Blue Plate Special made by Rina Goins for the Parkersburg Community Yarn Bombing. The special is at the Crystal Cafe in downtown on Market Street.

“We had a lot of participation, but we could have used a lot more,” she said.

The pieces include knittings around the railing at the Art Center and inside the facility, various trees around the community, at businesses and at residences, including Obermeyer’s Florist, she said.

Yarns were knitted to cover the trunks of trees, the pillars at the Art Center, baubles hanging from tree limbs and a blue plate special at Crystal Cafe, another participating business. Goins made the Blue Plate Special inside the restaurant and it’s a favorite of hers.

Kreinik Manufacturing in Parkersburg, a world-renown maker of threads, donated yarns that reflect light at night, she said. The result is a fantastic display, particularly with the flash from a camera, Goins said.

“We really had a wonderful event for our first go,” she said.

Goins and van Rijn spoke about the event Tuesday evening at the Parkersburg City Council meeting.

“The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive,” van Rijn told council.

Besides next year, the pieces can be used at other events, such as the Multicultural Festival, she said.

The project celebrates the community and the arrival of spring on March 20, Goins said.

“We were talking about a community art project, something we can get everyone involved in,” Goins said.

Goins said van Rijn saw the yarn bombing idea on the Internet.

“I said ‘That’s exactly what we needed to do,'” Goins said.


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