Ravenswood mayor sees better future with proposed river facilities

This is a proposed vision for a sports complex and indoor facility for Washington Riverfront Park in Ravenswood. (Image Provided)

RAVENSWOOD — On the banks of the Ohio River in the Ravenswood community, some new amenities are hoped to be added to the area.

With a proposed marina and sports complex, it is hoped these additions will bring more economy and tourism into Jackson County.

To share the vision of the project with the community, Mayor Josh Miller will present the project plans during this evening’s Ravenswood City Council meeting.

Miller said the main point he wants to emphasize is that taxes will not be affected by this project.

“We don’t have the taxing authority anyways to raise taxes to build this thing, that is not our goal,” he said. “There is plenty of grant funding for opportunities like this.”

A marina and sports complex is proposed for Washington Riverfront Park in Ravenswood. Mayor Josh Miller will present the idea to Ravenswood City Council this evening. (Image Provided)

Miller said typically grants aren’t available for recreation projects but this is more of an economic ideal.

“This is also a major economic development project that’s going to bring people from hundreds of miles away,” Miller said. “I’m trying to get all of this funded in one potential big loan with lower interest rates. What I’m trying to do is save money over the long term.”

The proposed 30,000 square foot indoor sports complex would allow for athletes to play sports in all seasons.

“It allows kids to compete in the winter, this is all about providing opportunity,” Miller said.

The site for the sports facility would be where the lagoon which Miller said will be moved.

“I was so adamant about moving that lagoon. We’re going to have to have that system moved anyways, it’s obsolete,” Miller said.

A skate and BMX park would also be included in this project along with a gas pump for the convenience of boaters.

With the help of economic development authorities in the area along with former Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell, Miller hopes to secure funding and start construction on the marina in about 18 months.

The target timeline for construction of the sports complex is within 24 months.

“I would like to see most of this in completion by the end of this four-year term,” Miller said. “This is a game changer for the area.”

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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