Yoga teacher takes class to clients

Kimberly Mertz (Photo Provided)

SPENCER — A new yoga business is now available to the Spencer area and offers services in more of a freelance approach as opposed to a brick and mortar studio.

Kimberly Mertz opened Yoga in Session a few months ago after she found inspiration while going through her yoga teacher training at Full Circle Yoga in Parkersburg.

“The name came from the idea of a do not disturb door hanger that a business could use while offering on site services,” Mertz said.

The idea is that instead of one going to yoga, the class comes to them. During her studies, she came across a book that talked about the importance of accommodating the person so the yoga practice can be individualized to them.

For example, Mertz recently led a class at a dentist office for their employees.

“Then came a mission to share yoga with individuals of various accessibility by just meeting them where they are,” Mertz said. Yoga in Session is working with PATCH 21 to offer yoga as an option for an after school activity for the students.

“We want to be able to cater to businesses or organizations. They can always contact us and schedule something,” Mertz said.

All the needed materials such as yoga mats and relaxing eye pillows are portable that can easily be moved from location to location.

Its website, yogainsession.com has information about upcoming classes, frequently asked questions and contact information.

Mertz has a few pieces of advice for kids to be able to practice yoga at home while schools are closed due to the COVID-19 crisis. She emphasized that yoga isn’t just a physical activity; it’s mental as well.

“It’s very easy to become overwhelmed with thoughts of the unknown future while worry and concern are part of our nature. Worry and concern are always in the back of our minds; yoga brings us back to the moment,” Mertz said.

She suggests utilizing free yoga classes online.

“There are a ton of great options that are free of charge such as video with a teacher doing a yoga class or activities,” Mertz said.

She feels that yoga can be reassuring to kids, especially since they aren’t able to participate in sports or any other after school activities.

“Activities in the home are good to incorporate,” Mertz said.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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