City manager vows to help fix flooded backyard problem

TRENTON, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio city manager has vowed to fix an issue that is causing some residents’ backyards to become ponds of mucky collected rainwater.
Trenton resident Sheila Sessler and her neighbors first complained in February that a pair of dry wells for rainwater drainage had failed; creating a large and mucky pond that has attracted geese and gnats. WCPO-TV reports interim City Manager Rob Leichman promised to partner with developer Cristo Homes to find a solution on Wednesday.
Leichman’s proposal would involve spending around $34,500 to drill below the pond and determine the cause of the drainage failure.
Leichman cautions that Trenton City Council could vote down the proposal when it appears on its agenda, but says residents deserve an answer to their issues.
Information from: WCPO-TV, http://www.wcpo.com