Amusement park to open new roller coaster this spring

MASON, Ohio (AP) — Kings Island amusement park in Ohio has announced the opening date of its new steel roller coaster.

The Orion will open to the public at the Mason park on April 11, the first day of its 2020 season. Kings Island officials have said it will be the tallest and fastest coaster at the park.

The Orion is one of seven giga coasters in the world, park officials said. Coasters in that category have a height or drop of 300 feet to 399 feet (90 to 120 meters). The Orion will move at 91 miles per hour (145 kilometres per hour) and have a 300-foot (90 meters) drop.

Park officials released the 2020 calendar last week. The park will be open on weekends from April 11 to April 24. It will be open seven days a week starting May 13.