Aces: Wild day on golf course for Davis, Archer

Worthington senior men’s league golfers Jim Davis, left, and Lee Archer each recorded a hole-in-one Monday on the par-3, No. 4 hole within minutes of one another. (Photo by Phil Nicholson)

PARKERSBURG — It was quite the eventful Monday morning for Worthington senior men’s league golfers Lee Archer and Jim Davis.

What started out just like another round of golf turned out to be more than eventful, as they each nabbed a hole-in-one on the par-3, fourth.

Archer, a Belpre High graduate who is a firm supporter of the Warren Warriors, notched his second career ace at the age of 81.

“It’s kind of ironic how that happened,” Archer explained. “He (Davis) was a foursome ahead of my foursome. The guys they just went crazy. It settled down, and my buddy hit in our group and he got on the green and he was a good ways away, but still on.

“I hit 2, 3, 4 yards short (of the green), and the pin was near the middle of the green and I watched it all the way. It went up on the green, and it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. It just kept going and going, and it went out of sight.”

Archer said the other group was still on the No. 5 tees “and they were watching it and everybody was hollering. A good bunch of guys I play with over there. Just a good day.”

Although Davis actually recorded his first career hole-in-one, it was the second for Archer, who used a wedge from the red tees.

“My other ace was 162 yards out at Arrowhead Pines in Beverly,” he said. “I was a member out there. I retired in 1998 from DuPont. That happened May 30 of 2003. My nephew was with me and another guy. He’s the one that said that it went in the hole didn’t it. I didn’t see it.”

Like Archer, Davis is also retired from DuPont and was a 1965 graduate of old Charleston High School.

“I was beginning to doubt it,” Davis admitted of wondering if a hole-in-one ever would come his way or not. “Everyone came up and congratulated me. We have some good golfers in that league who have never gotten a hole-in-one. I was amazed with that.”

Davis said he used a 9-iron to record his ace from 140 yards. He also used the same strategy as Archer.

“I hit that 9-iron and those greens are pretty hard,” Davis continued. “I never actually play for the green. I try to hit right in front of it and bounce it on and that’s exactly what I did. It tracked perfectly and went right into the hole. It was neat.

“Those guys I was playing with were a lot more excited than I was, but it was fun. We were just getting ready to tee off, and we saw the ball hit on the green and it tracked right in there, which is really unusual for two back-to-back holes-in-one. That doesn’t happen every often.”

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