PHS’ Domenick glad to return after ACL tear

Parkersburg High School’s Kendal Domenick challenges Parkersburg South’s Samantha Martin for the ball during a match earlier this year at Erickson All-Sports Facility. The Big Red junior is glad to be back playing after tearing her ACL last September. (Photo by Jay W. Bennett)

PARKERSBURG — Coming back from an injury is never easy and Parkersburg High School student-athlete Kendal Domenick knows that all too well.

“It was against Riverside. It was actually Sept. 3,” recalled the junior of the match from 2019. “I want to say it was the fifth (match), but I was out the first two matches from my red card the year before.

“I was dribbling the ball and the girl got the ball from me and I went to step to the outside of her and my right leg was completely blocked out and she hit my left shoulder and my knee popped to the outside.”

She knew it wasn’t good as soon as it happened.

“I tore my ACL, had a Grade 1 MCL tear and also tore my meniscus,” Domenick said of her right knee, which she got operated on Sept. 17 in Morgantown by Dr. William Post. “I started at Mountain River (Physical Therapy) and went there to about February or March then I transferred to Joe Leaman for more of an athletic training. Overall, it took about nine months to get back to my full self, but I didn’t start contact until the middle of August.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Big Red admitted “I actually got in there three times a week for physical therapy.”

Back to running and maneuvering for the PHS soccer team of head coach Brad Morris, Domenick continues to give it her all every minute she’s on the field.

“It’s great to be playing, especially with COVID and everything else going on in the world right now, but I think we’ve been playing well,” she said.

“I just think we need to learn to connect our passes better and we just lost two starters in the past week due to an ACL tear and an ankle sprain. It’s been hard to try and get the formation changed some.

“It’s been great to get back on the field with my teammates. I mean it’s been rough to just like sit at home and not get to see anyone for months, but I feel great and I’m glad that my team is back out here and hopefully we can get everyone back to being healthy and stay away from COVID.”

At any match, No. 9 for the red and white will be wearing a brace on her right knee.

Domenick noted one could wear the brace for up to 18 months after surgery.

“You can wear it longer,” she noted. “It’s more of like protection and it can make you feel more comfortable. Some surgeons don’t suggest it. My surgeon doesn’t think it will hurt me.”

When asked if she felt as good as new following the operation Domenick replied, “I feel good overall. My surgeon told me I will not feel my full self until my senior year because it takes about two years.

“I mean it has its days where it’s really sore. I get a lot of quad pain sometimes, but overall it feels pretty good. I feel confident on the field and contact feels good.”

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