Max Anderson signs with The Fighting Owls

Photo Courtesy of Robin North Parkersburg High School’s Max Anderson will continue his baseball career for Division I JUCO Harford Community College, which is located in Churchville, Maryland.

PARKERSBURG — The Big Reds’ very own Max Anderson signed on to play baseball for Harford Community College in Churchville, Maryland Thursday.

“We’ve had a good team the past couple of years. A couple of kids have gone to OVU and good schools.” said Anderson. “So I thought I’d sign and get it over with before I started my season.”

The PHS athlete will be entering his senior year competing in high school baseball. As a junior he had a .259 batting average, a .388 on-base average, and a .955 fielding average. Anderson also plays for Parkersburg’s Post 15 American Legion team which won the state championship this summer and qualified for the Southeastern Regional. It was a summer season where Anderson suffered an ankle injury but he has since recovered and is now prepared for what his future baseball career holds.

“Over the summer I broke my ankle during baseball.” said Anderson. “I’ve been working out a lot. Gaining weight and lifting a lot with the team.”

The 6’2 baseball player decided to continue his education at Harford Community College because “it has a great baseball facility, it’s a great school, and it’s close to my family up in Baltimore.” said Anderson.

Brian Anderson, Max’s father, always knew his son wanted to play in college.

“From day one he’s always wanted to play at the next level after high school.” said Brian Anderson. “It’s a Division-I JUCO. They went to the Junior College World Series in 2016. They’re a pretty big powerhouse.”

The Harford Community College program has hit 450 home runs in the past four years in Division I competitions and remains a competitive program.

“He’s going to be challenged but it brings great opportunities.” said Brian Anderson. “This is what he always wanted to do. His goal was to play Division I baseball at a four-year school.”

Last year Anderson played first base and pitched for the Big Reds. Head coach Alan Burns believes he’ll return to those roles for his team.

“Max can also play multiple positions and he can play in the outfield as well or the middle infield.” said Burns. “It depends on where we need him. I think Max will have a good year this spring. He’ll be a leader and we’ve got a good group of seniors.”

Anderson is planning to study business management when he reaches Harford Community College. Most of his time will be spent with the team where they practice and train together. As he plans for one final year with PHS, Anderson knows the Big Reds will continue to stay competitive.

“I think we’ll have a good team even after this year.” said Anderson. “We have new kids coming up and they’re pretty good.”


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