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821 days ago.
by Geezer

Registration of transient workers

Should local law enforcement departments have authority to set up registrations for transient workers, who might otherwise be more difficult to track than permanent residents? When illegals can seemingly come and go at will. why pick on those that actually have a job?


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Oh. Those guys. It has been pretty easy for those fellows to obtain employment locally. They didn't have to 'steal' anyone's job, however. There aren't enough locals who have a driver's license and can pass a drug test. And yes, those girls in Ritchie County swoon when they encounter a man with a job and money in his wallet instead of a hick wearing camo year-round who doesn't have two dimes to rub together.

Posted 821 days ago.


This registration isn't meant for illegal aliens, who are protected from self incrimination by such registration. Instead, it is meant to keep an eye on out of state workers coming here for the oil and gas boom. Those nefarious Texans and Oklahoman coming here to steal our jobs and women. I've worked around travelers in construction for thirty years and when the good money is gone, so are they. The locals will learn to do the jobs or it will always be that way.

Posted 822 days ago.

People from Central America and Mexico are excellent workers and the agricultural and construction industries in this country are completely dependent on them. They work circles around white guys, require very little training, will actually show up for work, and don't start asking to go home at 2:30. Our state's apple crop and Ohio's tomatoes would never get to market without Hispanic workers.

Posted 830 days ago.

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