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662 days ago.
by rmking93

Cross Dressing

I am a happily married, heterosexual, father, husband, and cross dresser. I have uncontrollable urges, to dress in women’s clothes, similar to addiction. I have no desire, to be with a man. My earliest memories of cross dressing are, 4 or 5 years of age. Is society getting more excepting of M to F cross dressers? I have seen other men, wearing women’s pants, and shirts out in public. I have also seen a couple of men, that I am certain were wearing bras. I am curious about this, because the only time I feel safe, with any women’s clothes on, is at Halloween, or in the privacy of my locked home. I do not know any other way to get public opinions on this subject, other than to ask on a forum like this. If this offends anyone, I apologize in advance. All input will be appreciated, and I beg of you, please keep the responses rated “G”


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I'm a married heterosexual and have similar urges. Email me at rmking93@yahoo****. Maybe we can set up a local support group.

Posted 662 days ago.


There's currently a play on Broadway about a resort in the Catskills where heterosexual men spent time as women. (The play is set in 1962.) Search "Casa Valentina" (the show), "Casa Susanna" (the real-life hotel), "Chevalier d'Eon resort") – the searches lead to each other.

Probably not exactly on point for any of us in this discussion, but certainly provides some perspective.

I heard about it on NPR's Morning Edition yesterday (Sunday 8 June) in a story about wigs in Broadway plays. One point in that story was a difference between transvestites & drag queens: drag queens want to attract attention, transvestites want to pass w/o attracting attention. (Seems accurate about drag queens, not sure whether the rest can be summed up that concisely.)

The play runs through June 29 as currently scheduled.

(No, I won't be going to New York – unless you're buying.)

Posted 806 days ago.


I am a female and enjoy wearing men's pants, especially denim jeans. I routinely borrow tee shirts from my husbands closet. I sleep in a man's tee shirt. I honestly don't think anyone cares these days. It's a non-issue.

Posted 823 days ago.


There was an article in The Atlantic Monthly several years ago about groups of happily married men who cross-dress & get together in groups. (One thing that seems odd is that most of them depend on their wives to do their makeup.)

My case is milder. It used to be a powerful turn-on to occasionally get dressed & in front of a mirror, but not "uncontrollable urges".

The main thing is to be w/ a woman who is OK w/ it.

Posted 937 days ago.


TraciMac, First, I commend you on your courage to talk with others who may not understand or accept crossdressing. I have no experience with cross dressing, nor any formal training in psychology, but here's my two cents: Find other men who share this interest and life experience. Facebook, Flickr, and blogs must certainly have groups of like-minded people. I'm sure they can advise you on places where cross dressing is readily accepted, and maybe even gatherings or events. Most of all, relax; you're not the only one with these desires. The biggest question is whether you want to suppress it or celebrate it. Only you can decide that.

Posted 938 days ago.

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