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996 days ago.
by Privatized

Ripped off again

got my water bill Wednesday. was estimate dated the 8th of November. the 8th had a high of 50 degrees. water dept. could not read meters at 50? estimate is supposed to be last 3 month average. for me with two months in the low/ middle $30s should have been $40.81. instead got charged $41.15. real reading would have again in the $30s I suspect. why a .88% extra charge on top of a phony reading? is this how the city is recouping for letting the water run for a week down 9th st sometime back? it has to be in the 100s of thousands of gallons as it ran and ran? city admin is the gang that can't shoot straight for sure.


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Wow, I'd be happy to see a $40 water bill. Mine stays at $60 no matter what I use. Two adults in the house, I don't wash cars or water the lawn and there are no leaks. Just clothes, cooking, and showers. Next they'll want $80. Bet I can turn it off for six months and see no change in the bill.

Big wig down there told me once, they drive by and count vehicles, add up occupants, do some funny math, and figure how much to charge you. Said if they had to read meters every month, they'd have to charge $100.

Tell me how Mon Power can estimate to the exact penny? They estimate two or three months in a row. I pay and it's all absorbed, to the penny every time. Horse biscuits.

Posted 996 days ago.


Go read your own meter, call the water dept and demand a corrected bill.

Posted 997 days ago.

will be glad to provide some remedial reading for you. BOTH. if they cannot do simple math when "pushing" a button is one thing. not even reading the meters is another. but BOTH.

Posted 997 days ago.


Are you actually complaining about 34cents or the fact they didn't read your meter?

Posted 998 days ago.

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