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396 days ago.
by Kendall78

LtTE Overreactions

There are many people I respect on here, so it seems very odd to me when they go so off base with critiques on their own writings.


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You know Ithink you should think before you post.

You just revealed your motivations in your charitable "contributions".

I have known truthfully charitable people.

They ask for nothing in return and expect no thanks for what they do. They have no need for for their charity to be know either.

You on the other hand do it as an self appreciating act.

Why else would anyone bring up what they do for others as chip on their shoulder to brag about?

Posted 667 days ago.

Jesus taught us to be volunterally charitable. I would be happy to compare my habits of giving with myths, kendalls, harrys , and big mouth oneills.

Posted 667 days ago.

Socialism and obama loving Kendall, it is a VERY BIG deal when the president lies to the people. The topic is irrelevant.

It shows your character when you defend lies and socialism. I guess that is acceptable in the sleazy world of Maherhood and Chicago style obamahood. Thanks for exposing yourself.

Posted 667 days ago.


You’re right in saying, “he did not say that it should be at the tip of the ROMAN SPEAR.”

Well, I never thought of it before, but maybe here’s the way I, as a Christian, should look at it:

Should we Christians object because the government tells us to do what Jesus said we should be doing?

BTW: I’m merely exploring lines of thought, as all freemen should, and not advocating Socialism.

Posted 667 days ago.



You invite us to “DO show me in the bible an example of Socialism.”

Assuming that, by Socialism, you mean wealth redistribution plans, here are just a couple of passages to consider:

In Matt. 19:21, Jesus told the rich young ruler, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.”

Acts 4:34-35 describes how the early church governed its economy. “Nor was there anyone among them who lacked; for all who were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the proceeds of the things that were sold, and laid them at the apostles’ feet; and they distributed to each as anyone had need.”

From these passages and others, one might assume that both Jesus and the early church favored wealth redistribution.

Posted 667 days ago.


"Now we find out that his illegal uncle who was arrested for DUI awhile back was quite well known to obama."

Oh my gosh..that is the biggest breaking story ever in...well, no. This story isn't really important to anyone. Mandela passing away is a story. China launching a probe to the Moon is a story. The failings of Obamacare is a story.

This uncle thing is nothing.

Posted 667 days ago.


Oh for the love baby jebus. I'sa aint desperate. LOL! And I'sa aint defending the Obama administration.

Its just that the GOP gives me so much crap to hurl back at them.

Posted 668 days ago.


We shouldn’t form opinions according to what we view on TV. TV appeals to the dramatic and sensational rather than the thoughtful and informational. It controls thinking instead of encouraging creative thought. That’s why TV has earned names like*****Tube, Idiot Box, and Vast Wasteland.

They tell me that even the History Channel now features reality shows.

Posted 668 days ago.

Desperarion has overcome myth and oneill. I understand. It is really hard to defend the multitude of lies this administration has brazenly concocted and fed to the gulible.

Long live Fox News.

Posted 668 days ago.


"Fox tells us news that no one else mentions."

******* lol!

You know why they report news that no one else mentions?

LOOOOOL! This is just two easy.

Drum roll please!

Its freaking because they along with other rightwing "news" outlets are the only ones originating those stories. And that is because they are the ones making them up!

The name of the Republican game is mud slinging.

There are so many facts that don't support their cause they have to resort to muck dredging to have anything to say.

If the right adhered to the old axiom that if you got nothing nice to say then say nothing at all...why they'd be as silent as a gay guy breaking wind!

Posted 668 days ago.

You libs cant stand it that millions of people love Fox. So funny. And the childish way of spelling it " Faux " is especially laughable. You need to watch " You've Got Mail" where the little boy yells out " It's spelled F O X".

Fox tells us news that no one else mentions. Big obama lies every day. Now we find out that his illegal uncle who was arrested for DUI awhile back was quite well known to obama. At the time, the WH said they had never met. Now it turns out they had actually lived together. Thanks Fox News for telling us the truth. What a bunch of obama liars.

Posted 669 days ago.


"Two-thirds of core Fox News viewers identify themselves as Republican, and 94% either identify as or lean Republican." (Gallup)

Fair and balance?

Posted 670 days ago.


What do we call someone who moans about “hyperbolic ad hominem rants,” then, a scant 11 minutes later, calls others “just bomb throwing morons”?

Posted 671 days ago.


Do you think it is wrong to employ "hyperbolic ad hominem rants"?

And since you admit that Fox "leans right," I guess we agree that Fox isn't "fair and balanced."

Posted 671 days ago.


"Fox leans right, NBC,MSNBC, CNN NPR ABC and CBS lean LEFT. Sounds fair."

Lets be fair and acknowledge that if someone or some group doesn't tow the entire rightwing party line and adhere to it rigidly then its considered left wing.

Posted 671 days ago.


"remember when Fox presented a faked document showing the president had lied about his National Guard service oh wait that was CBS"

Sorry deflecting isn't going to work on this topic.

Its a pretty hard truth that is being demonstrated when you have to have a law thrown out in order to broadcast your "fair and balanced" "news" the way you want.

And no less than a law that forbids false and misleading reporting.

Posted 671 days ago.


I wish Obama would push for a law like that in this nation.

Can you imagine the outrage the right would vomit forth! HAHAHAHA LOL!

It'd be so fun counter that outrage with a simple question.

If you're not gonna lie then why you so mad bro?


Posted 671 days ago.


He didn't say anything about Fox News being banned but that Canada was trying to make sure their news agencies keep to the facts.

"Canada's Radio Act requires that "a licenser may not broadcast....any false or misleading news." The provision has kept Fox News and right wing talk radio out of Canada and helped make Canada a model for liberal democracy and freedom."" (Huffington post)

So it isn't that they ban Fox News but any news organization that behaves in a manner not consistent with their regulations.

Posted 671 days ago.


And Fox News is the freaking epicenter of that crap.

LOL! Just go dig into why they were trying to get a law in Canada that deals with only allowing factual reporting in the news media thrown out.

They wanted to take their brand of cesspool "journalism" up north and thankfully the Canadians are smarter than that.

At least some of them.

Posted 671 days ago.


"There must be a reason fox has such a following other than we are all knuckle dragging mouth breathers who don't know any better"

Just because something or someone has a larger following doesn't make it more right or better than something or someone else.

I mean how many batchit insane comments and "facts" have we seen the right throw out into the wind since Obama took office?

How many of those held up under scrutiny?

Why did they achieve a high level of acceptance among the right?

Thats easy! No one questioned those facts.

They take it at face value and run wild with it! LOL!

Example? The whole Obama Birth Certificate thing.

When faced with proof. Well the proof was found not acceptable.

But thats to be expected from intellectually dishonest people.

They got their position and will not cede that position under any circumstances.

The only reason they quite down about a topic is that they look for new ways of slinging mud.

Posted 671 days ago.

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