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1089 days ago.

Stadium Field is Out of Control

...and the BOE is behind the wheel. The malcontent and mistreatment of Parkersburg's "second-class citizens" has come to a head. Never in the recent history of our country have more people been aware and conscious of local and national news but of all times, you choose to spit in the face of South Parkersburg and throw away everything you have to feed your Big Red white elephant. You even woo a professional baseball player to step up to the plate, while the baseball team, even after 100 years, still doesn't have a baseball field to call home.


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It is not the WCBOE it is the PHSBOE. The board has kissed the behind of the "big reds" for as along as I can remember. I for one hope the stadium never opens.

Posted 1089 days ago.


Maybe this is a wake-up call for the BOE to me more conscience of the schools. I wish we could all just get along.

Posted 1110 days ago.


Tinfoilhat, the comments that you post become more ignorant and hateful as time moves on. Your rhetoric is that of a very disturbed person.

Posted 1120 days ago.

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