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1147 days ago.
by Tinfoilhat

Parkersburg City Park Fourth of July Carnival 2013

FAIL! It reeked of urine, body odor and cigarette smoke. The rides look damaged, repaired and damaged again and their restraints were laughable at best. I can't believe carnival workers would get down on their knees to talk to my young children with a cigarette hanging out of one corner of their mouth. I can't believe parents let their children go to the carnival dressed like they were, when half the guests looked like they had just gotten out of jail and most looked unemployed/unemployable. During our entire visit, we didn't see a single law enforcement officer. If DHHR held reunions, this is what it would have looked like. For the safety and health of my children, we'll never visit a local carnival again.


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It is a loss to know that a hateful person like this has decided not to grace the smelly unemployed low-lives of the valley with their presence. A shame really. I always imagine this kind of person thinks that they are the only kind that should have the right to exist. Stay far away tinfoil and let us keep breeding and smelling until you have no choice but to move out of our area. Bu-bye!

Posted 1147 days ago.

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