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1169 days ago.
by BeRight

How is Our Money Spent by This Administration ? ?

There is no money for children to tour OUR White House. There is no money for our airport tower. But the Obama girls are in the Bahamas right now. That is more than one vacation per month for the Obamas, so far in 2013.


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And the fortune we give to foreign enemies.

Posted 1252 days ago.

During his presidency,Obama has played over 100 rounds of golf- time involved? Over ten 40 hour weeks

Posted 1252 days ago.

"Biden's $321,665 Limo Bill". What a disgusting headline. We already knew we paid approx. 700,000 dollars for Biden to stay 2 nights in Europe to see the Pope, when he officially isn't even supposed to take part in catholic church communion, because he supports abortion. Keeping the village idiot in his accustomed style sure is expensive for us, when we are having hard times in this country.

Posted 1252 days ago.

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