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94 days ago.
by slinky

Thankfully, the anti-science propaganda campaign surrounding man-made climate change seems to have lost some of its effect.

Are you seeing storm clouds on the horizon? Two recent studies suggest that the latest anti-science campaign is following its forerunners--the propaganda campaigns attempting to refute science that tobacco causes cancer, that CFC's caused the hole in the ozone layer, and so on—into oblivion. Global warming denial seems to have climbed to a peak in 2010, and global warming acceptance is now climbing. This bodes well for rational public policy.


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Tiredofit is trying to gouge out your eyes so you can’t see the plain truth. To do so, he’s using a dishonest rhetorical trick called “false premise.”

In a false premise, the dishonest party bases his or her argument on unproven assumptions, or premises.

Tiredofit’s argument would be honest if we accept his premise: the government grants money to support the IPCC. He wants you to assume that it does. Don’t. He has to prove it or his argument is invalid.

Keep your vision clear. Don’t let them gouge out your eyes with false premises.

Posted 724 days ago.


As I have said before extra heat equals an addition to the energy that is present in the atmosphere. It means that through increased evaporation due to heat their will be more moisture in the air. And what happens when a moisture laden air mass collides with a cold or arctic air mass.

SNOW! Weeeeee!

Posted 724 days ago.


This weather doesn't bother me in regards to my beliefs of mans hand in causing the climate to shift.

Because I know that global warming does not mean that cold is just going to disappear.

The poles are and will still be cold and we will still see cold winters. We'll still see plenty of snowfall.

What we might see are wild shifts in seasonal weather patterns.

Its funny that those who disagree with global warming and its cause just can't come to terms with the fact of a warming planet and still seeing snow.

They think those things are mutually exclusive.

Oh well just another in a long long line of arguments.

Posted 724 days ago.

Who is desperate? The sky is falling warmers, of course.

Posted 724 days ago.

Another day of weather. It is not climate change, of course. It does seem to drain the brains of the warmers. Lots of laughs when people are suffering from the current lack of warming.

Posted 724 days ago.


Tiredofit is comparing apples to oranges. In talking about “purchasing science,” the real point is purchasing results.

In my citation, receiving money depends on results: to “emphasize the shortcomings of (the 2007 IPCC report.)”

He cited what the government will spend “global warming research” this year. He would have you overlook the real point—purchasing results.

I cited an example where money would be paid on the condition the receiver UNDERMINE the IPCC. In contrast, he cited no examples where government money will be paid on the condition the grantee SUPPORT the IPCC. It’s ridiculous to even think the current House would appropriate money for such a grant.

One cannot honestly compare money spent reducing the uncertainty to money spent creating doubt about the IPCC 2007 result. To do so is comparing apples to oranges, and shows the counter climate change movement’s “enormous frustration” with “the scientific debate.”

Desperate folks distort the dope.

Posted 724 days ago.


Oh my! I just thought of the perfect name for it.

Drum roll.....THE IMBECILICUS!

Whew boy that should get your juices flowing eh?

Posted 724 days ago.


Oh by the way just for kicks let me tell you something.

If I were the tin foil hat wearing type of person I wouldn't wear a tin foil hat.

No I'd use my brain and ingenuity to build a hat out of wire mesh of various sizes that surrounded my entire head. I would then engineer special cooper soles for my shoes so that I could then ground my hat out properly. A wire running up each leg that would then tie in with a single wire going up my back to the hat should prove to be a good design.

Ever heard of a faraday cage? Thats what would be my inspiration.

So chew on that! Whahahahahaa!

Posted 724 days ago.


I bet if I were to meet you thatsabsurd I would quickly find out that you are a mouth breather!

Posted 724 days ago.


Oh god you are such a dingbat! LOL!

I dont know Thatsabsurd but if I were a scientist who was looking at the data and I seen that lake water temps were showing 400 degrees I think I would conclude that there was glitch in the system somewhere.

But just like NOAA showing the temperature at 104 for Parkersburg you latch onto obvious errors in the system whether it be software or hardware related and run with it.

Please by all means keep doing that. Because it makes you horrendously stupid when you do that.

Imbecile out! LOL!

Posted 724 days ago.


"myth says" LOL! The deniers see 95 percent off and they immediately think in their minds that the difference between the observed temps and the modeled temps is like the difference between one and a hundred.

Last time they were off they recorded the Great Lakes "water" at over 400 degrees LOL and all those (well most about 95%) of the tin-foil hat wearing imbeciles couldn't tell you what happens to water at 212 degrees LOL and they still can't............but will look you dead in the eye and tell you their science proves it LOL

Idiots your not intelligent enough to be called an imbecile

Posted 724 days ago.


In spite of the counter climate change movement’s offers to purchase science, “the scientific debate is of enormous frustration to (them)”, according to Joe Bast, mogul of the Heartland Institute.

Posted 724 days ago.


“Purchased science?”

I’ve heard of that. Back in 2007, the American Enterprise Institute tried to purchase science. They offered $10,000 plus expenses to scientists who would publish papers undermining the findings of the IPCC.

“Letters sent by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), an ExxonMobil-funded thinktank with close links to the Bush administration, offered the payments for articles that emphasise the shortcomings of a report from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

“Travel expenses and additional payments were also offered.”

htt p://ww m/environment/2007/feb/02/frontpagenews.climatechange

Yep. That counter climate change movement has the money to purchase science.

Posted 724 days ago.

I intended to just ignore your post Kendall. Just too dumb. But listening to constitutional lawyer J Turley on Megyn Kelly's show makes me incredulous that you don't know any better. He is a democrat,too.

And Greta had congressmen tonight talking about obama's lawlessness. Open your ears.

By the way, Greta and Megyn are both brillliant lawyers.

As long as we have a blind on purpose senate, he will get by with his dictatorial rulings.

Posted 725 days ago.


LOL! The deniers see 95 percent off and they immediately think in their minds that the difference between the observed temps and the modeled temps is like the difference between one and a hundred.

One being the observed temps and a hundred being the modeled temps.

Sorry but the truth is more nuanced than that.

Nuance something the right has not a clue about.

Its either black or white for them no pun intended.

Posted 725 days ago.


Goodness! LOL!

The models may be off but there still is an upward trend in temperatures!

Sure 95 percent are off but what is the spread of them being off from the actual observations? Some of them show a wide divergence but some are not that far off from the observed temperatures.

Leave it to the deniers to make a huge freaking deal out of this its so****funny!

Posted 725 days ago.


help me help me I'm melting........!!!!!!!

Boy have the accountants who have "self-proclaimed" they are "Climate Scientist" doing the back-pedaling now..LOL Can you believe the imbeciles wearing their tin-foil hats will still tout the effects of Global warming because of AWG


Imbecile is too high an intellect for these idiots.

Posted 725 days ago.


"The president keeps on unlawfully changing the law. When will he ever be impeached or punished?"

What has he done that is unlawful? If he had, obviously the other 2 branches of govt would have stepped in but have they? No. And why you may ask? Probably because just because the far right says he is breaking the law doesn't mean he is.

Posted 725 days ago.

h ttp://dailycaller.c om/2014/02/11/report-95-percent-of-global-warming-models-are-wrong/

" Environmentalists and Democrats often cite a “97 percent” consensus among climate scientists about global warming. But they never cite estimates that 95 percent of climate models predicting global temperature rises have been wrong."

Posted 725 days ago.

We sure have plenty of controversies to point at. And a lawless president.

We were told obamacare is the law, get used to it. The president keeps on unlawfully changing the law. When will he ever be impeached or punished? Charles Krauthammer correctly says it is like a banana republic.

Posted 726 days ago.

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