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153 days ago.
by slinky

Thankfully, the anti-science propaganda campaign surrounding man-made climate change seems to have lost some of its effect.

Are you seeing storm clouds on the horizon? Two recent studies suggest that the latest anti-science campaign is following its forerunners--the propaganda campaigns attempting to refute science that tobacco causes cancer, that CFC's caused the hole in the ozone layer, and so on—into oblivion. Global warming denial seems to have climbed to a peak in 2010, and global warming acceptance is now climbing. This bodes well for rational public policy.


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" it has been adjusted and manipulated so how can any of it be accurate?"

Do you have evidence that the vast majority of data has been adjusted or manipulated? Heck, I would be happy to see you prove that a simple majority of the data has been manipulated.

Posted 465 days ago.


"If man was causing global warming, why did it magically quit 18 plus years ago?"

It didn't. If you gain 5 pounds every month for two years and then quit gaining...aren't you still fat? You have those odd notion that warming has to be perpetually growing at a constant rate without any deviation.

Where did you come up with that?

Posted 465 days ago.


"And not a bit of what you say can be linked to a man made cause."

Where do you come up with that? It's obvious it does. Why are you unable to comprehend that?

Maybe if you could give your evidence that clearly shows that all the climate change we have been discussing comes solely from another source...can you? I highly doubt it.

Posted 465 days ago.


Stillhere, learn to use quotation marks in the future if you are going to quote someone. Learn the basics.

Nah, you are wrong about the margin of error. Try again.

".8c rise from 1880, margin of error +- .1 C."

Wait, are you trying to say that .1 > .8? Because with the margin of error even's still a rise.

Posted 465 days ago.


"The total warming is within the margin of error."


The total warming is far outside the margin of error. When you add data points to a set, the cumulative error decreases. We now have 135 data points, or years, in the record, so the margin of error is very small.

Posted 465 days ago.


Quite, Kendall.

Since 1880, global surface temperatures have increased 1.4 degrees F., which is enough to upend the balance on which we depend.

According to NASA:

“Global sea level rose about 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) in the last century. The rate in the last decade, however, is nearly double that of the last century.”

“The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have decreased in mass.”

“Both the extent and thickness of Arctic sea ice has declined rapidly over the last several decades.”

“The number of record high temperature events in the United States has been increasing, while the number of record low temperature events has been decreasing, since 1950. The U.S. has also witnessed increasing numbers of intense rainfall events.”

htt p://

NASA lists others.

The earth’s climate is like a baby. A few degrees of temperature rise disrupts it.

Posted 466 days ago.


"Earth’s average surface temperature has warmed by about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit"

What's the difference between 33 degrees and 31.6 degrees...the difference between solid and liquid.

What's the difference if you are one inch from the cliff's edge or one inch beyond the cliff's edge? Falling to your death.

What's the difference between saying a small word like "yes" or "no" when your significant others asks, "Does this make me look fat?"

A small difference can mean all the difference Stillhere.

Posted 466 days ago.


"lets start with the admitted maring of errpr in NASSA data"

And how does that disprove all the facts showing climate change due to humanity is happening?

That's doesn't.

You seem to lean on ignorance as your main answer to everything. I suppose you also believe in the God of the Gaps. You obviously have no real scientific answer to why the climate is changing, so you approach the problem with your head in the sand and basically say, "Nope...not happening..nope nope...not happening."

Posted 466 days ago.


"Most of the southern slave owners were republicans !"

Evidence? I'm just curious how your conjured up that statement.

Posted 466 days ago.


The relevant fact is that 9 of the 10 warmest years in the record books have all occurred since 2000.

What are the odds of that being an accident?

Global warming hasn't stopped by any means.

Posted 467 days ago.


Global warming hasn’t “stopped.”

9 of the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 2000.

htt p://w

The RATE of increase has slowed, but the increase continues.

The warmest years on record are, in order:

1. 2014

2. (tie) 2010 and 2005

4. 1998

5. (tie) 2013 and 2003

7. 2002

8. 2006

9. (tie) 2009 and 2007

Posted 467 days ago.


"What you or I believe can happen has no bearing on what IS happening.."

True but all you care about is what you believe and nothing about facts.

So is it logical to assume that the current dominant species on the planet has the ability to effect the planet's climate?

I mean, if you are completely ignorant on the possibilities, you can just admit that.

Posted 473 days ago.


Marilyn vos Savant posted, in her May 3, 2015 national commentary, that there are reasons other than ice cap melt for which to attribute the cause of rising sea levels. She suggests that our pulling up of groundwater, with subsequent losses back into the oceans (evaporation and runoff) accounts for 42% of the rise in sea level. The warming of ocean water (causing it to expand) is responsible for nearly an additional 50% of the oceans rise, she surmises.

I would think that are declining water tables would be as alarming as the threat of global warming to nation-states. Nations that have the material wherewithal to do so should be considering the construction of solar powered desalinization plants and the cessation of funding for programs that support the runaway human population growth around the planet.

I KNOW! I KNOW! The Democrats would have a tough time supporting that last one.

Posted 475 days ago.


Thank you for agreeing with us that the oceans absorb heat.

Now then, do you believe that the dominant species of our world has the ability to effect climate?

Posted 475 days ago.


Hello, Kendall. Glad to see you back here.

Of course the oceans absorb heat. No reasonable person could dispute that. Here’s a brief explanation:

“Not only do the oceans cover more than 2/3 of the Earth's surface, they also absorb more sunlight and store more heat. Additionally the oceans retain heat longer. The Sun's rays also penetrate the oceans to a depth of many meters, but only heat up the top layer of the sand or soil.”

htt p://ww

And “Ocean temperatures around the world are steadily creeping upward, according to a new study from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.”

htt p://ww w.scpr.or g/news/2015/02/02/49566/world-s-oceans-steadily-heating-up-new-study-finds/

Posted 477 days ago.


I’ll repeat the quote I put up before.

“Climate researchers look to longer term trends to determine warming, as there is too much natural variability within any given year. And that long-term trend is unequivocal (see NASA chart below): The world has now gone 30 consecutive years — 360 straight months — where every month has been above the 20th century average, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.”

htt p://ww w.factcheck.o rg/2015/03/cruz-on-the-global-cooling-myth-and-galileo/

And I’ll add this, from the same fact check: “Nine of the 10 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000, with 1998 the only exception.”

Posted 477 days ago.


Stillthere, do you believe that the oceans absorb heat? Yes or no

Posted 477 days ago.


Actually stillthere, I was merely using your flawed premise to show how utterly stupid it is.

Global warming hasn't stopped but to only those that do not understand rational thinking.

Posted 477 days ago.


The Steven Goddard piece says that in 1976, the outlier climatologists mentioned "(could) offer no scientific proof to back up their theories that the earth (was) cooling."

Now, in 2015, the few outlier climatologists who claim the earth isn't heating up can offer no scientific proof to back up their theories.

But, as I pointed out, the earth is warming, to wit:

1. The oceans are absorbing a lot of the excess heat.

2. Surface temperatures continue to rise. 2000-2010 is the hottest decade recorded, 13 of the warmest years have come in the last 15, 2014 was most likely the warmest ever, according to NASA, and “the long-time warming trend is unequivocal.”

I suggest the 2015 scientific studies I cited should carry more weight 1976 opinions backed up by no scientific studies.

Posted 477 days ago.


Global warming has not stopped, as I pointed out. However, the rate of warming at the earth’s surface has slowed down, but it continues to rise.

That’s the surface. New 2015 studies suggest that over 90% of the heat from global warming is going in the ocean

(htt p://ww w.scpr.or g/news/2015/02/02/49566/world-s-oceans-steadily-heating-up-new-study-finds/),

and that “the forces behind the supposed hiatus are natural— and temporary — ocean processes that may already changing course.”


As to those who ask what the “correct” temperature is: “Most scientists concur that two degrees C of warming above the temperature during preindustrial time would harm all sectors of civilization—food, water, health, land, national security, energy and economic prosperity.”

ht tp://w m/article/earth-will-cross-the-climate-danger-threshold-by-2036/

Posted 477 days ago.

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