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1270 days ago.
by resolution

Ending North Korea trip, Dennis Rodman calls Kim an 'awesome guy'

Really? Like Stalin was an awesome guy? Like Hitler was an awesome guy? Like Idi Amin was an awesome guy? Why was the "worm" even allowed to visit N. Korea? Think this will help anything? Maybe a desperate plug for fanatical leftists leaders?


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An update with some "awesome news" about an "awesome guy".

It seems the "worm" may have been too quick on his glowing evaluation of Kim.

Kim has "vowed" to end the 1953 cease-fire citing that the US pushing UN sanctions over North Korea's latest nuclear test.

Liken that to Robsespierre being given a guillotine to play with as a kid.

Posted 1270 days ago.


Please smoke at least 15 feet from any public entrance and in only any approved smoking environment as we are still relatively free.

Posted 1272 days ago.



I am full aware of who is power now. If you think Rodman speaking to some egocentric cult-of-personality leftist leader is going to help reduce friction, smoke whatever you wish. It's still a relatively free country here, for now.

Posted 1272 days ago.

Americans have been traveling to North Korea for decades. Over the past two years the number of our citizens visiting the DPR has increased about 20%. Travel must be arranged through agencies in Beijing and a visa will cost approximately $65. Perhaps 'resolution' is unaware that Kim Jong Un is now the leader of the country instead of his father Kim Jong Il. Kim Jong Un was educated in Switzerland. He and his brother have been Chicago Bulls fans since Rodman, (a Hall of Famer and the best rebounder in the history of the game) played. Admittedly, Dennis Rodman is an unlikely ambassador but North Koreans love basketball and perhaps events like this can be an icebreaker and reduce the level of rhetoric (and potential for nuclear warfare) between the USA and DPR.

Posted 1273 days ago.


This just reflects on Dennis in bad way. An awesome guy? Yea I'm doubting that!

North Korea acts akin to the government out of Orwell's 1984.

Posted 1273 days ago.

Just another low life former celebrity who still mistakenly thinks he matters to anyone.

Posted 1274 days ago.

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