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1214 days ago.
by burningdownthehouse

There is no movement in the United States to kill people in the name of second amendment rights but there is a movement that has murdered 1,200,000 children in the name of women's rights

The silver tongued talking heads on the magic living room box would have us believe that the country is in an uproar over the alleged murders of 26 people at an elementary school in Newtown, CT. An investigation is still pending. But the allegations are flying. Generally speaking, the anti-constitutionalists who don't own guns, have never fired guns and certainly have limited ability to identify them, would be willing to take away one of our most important constitutional right because they believe it would make them more "safe". None of the gun violence in America has been committed in the name of gun rights. Also, keep in mind, these anti-constitutionalists generally are of the same demographic that also believes that murdering 1,200,000 American children in 2012 in the name of women's rights is acceptable.


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No jobs being lost you say. Go tell that to the people working at a Navy Ship repair yard. And people working at a nuclear cleanup site.

The tours are a non-issue. Political stunt? Maybe. Rather like using terror alert levels to sway things your way. I am sure you understand.

Either way whats the GOP doing for this country? The Dems are busy doing not much of anything. Why cant the high and mighty party get anything done. I see plenty of opportunities for them to make a difference. Just too incompetent to make things work?

Posted 1255 days ago.

"And now the White House Tours!"

I'm curious raver, perhaps you can answer a simple question.

If the White House was giving tours in 2001 when spending was $1,900,000,000,000.00 and the White House was giving tours in 2005 when spending was $2,600,000,000,000.00 and in 2008 when spending was $3,000,000,000,000.00, why is it that we cannot give tours with spending at $3,800,000,000,000.00?

Posted 1255 days ago.


And now the White House Tours!

For crying out loud. People are losing their jobs due to the sequester and this is an issue. The overlying topic.

You know it'd be funny if Obama would endorse McDonald's as the peoples burger joint. I'm almost certain rightwingers would come out of the woodwork in boycotting McDonald's.

Heck maybe Chic-Fil-A would start selling "Patriot" burgers along with freedom fries.

LOL! Remember that? That'd be a hoot!

Posted 1255 days ago.


Its hilarious though the complaint over being forced to cover someones prescription birth control and the crying about having your rights stepped on and all that.

Then what happens oh them dang homosexuals...they cant have the same rights as me.


Gee the freaking gall of people.

This is where a little compromise goes a long way. You scratch my back I'll scratch yours.

But nope...none to be found.

Posted 1255 days ago.


Ha! LOL! Some people are allergic to latex. And lots of people when they are in a long term relationship choose to not have anything between them and the one they love.

But there you go again trying to make decisions for others.

Also in some cases prescription birth control can be used to treat endometriosis.

I notice though and this is pathetic on your part in that this was not an issue until Rush Limbaugh brought it up.

Then all the yipping started....FREAKING PATHETIC!

Posted 1255 days ago.

That was for myth.

Posted 1255 days ago.

You are getting sillY.

Posted 1255 days ago.


Since we are on the subject. Why should I (when and if I get insurance again) put MY money into an insurance pool when there are undoubtedly baby boomers on there who have ate poorly their whole life and are diabetic because of it.

Why should MY money go toward dealing with issues they brought up on themselves by their own gluttonous actions.

I personally dont have an issue with doing that. I understand that an insurance pool helps people get the care they need. Nothing wrong with helping your fellow man out.

Posted 1255 days ago.


Maybe the best course of action is to ban religiously inclined institutions from offering health care. If they cant offer the whole package then why should they offer it in any form?

As they say to people that expect birth control to be covered by the insurance they pay for.

Go get it some place else.

Posted 1255 days ago.


Yes its quite the conundrum isn't it. They take huge issue with abortion. Ok I get it. I understand why. But then they turn around and take issue with one way of keeping the other from happening!

Yeeeep that totally makes sense!

Posted 1255 days ago.


Forcing medical coverage of birth control on religious institution is troublesome when it comes to religious freedom.

The answer to that might be an open health insurance system that allowed people to purchase it anywhere they wanted.

Or better yet. How about doing something about the cost of health care?

Thats what I dont understand about the right. They will not bring up issues such as that. At least on the government level. Its like mandatory health care is the only answer besides not having any at all.

No on on the right is making a case for any other options.

Posted 1255 days ago.


Then why such a fuss over gay rights? So a religious group trying to maintain the status quo according to what they believe isn't them forcing their beliefs on anyone?

LOL! Sorry but I call bullchit on that.

Radical Islam and Evangelical Christianity.

Hardly no difference at all in my eyes. Both cant stand anyone else of any other beliefs. The one difference is that Evangelists have't started a holy war...yet.

And Ithink you can give your opinion all you want I dont care.

I will still be here too. :P

Posted 1255 days ago.

Tiredofit, I'll bet you are right and Obama has a big smile on his face today, planning, and counting all the dollars he can get.

If he had thought of it sooner, he could have opened the White House back up to the owners, the people, instead of just to the big donors.

Posted 1256 days ago.

I think you have it backwards,myth. I don't know of any religion that forces their beliefs on others except radical islam.

BUT !!! I do know of Obama and his Obamacare baloney forcing religious groups to pay for birth control for freeloaders, when it is against the beliefs of that specific church.

I don't care what you believe. That is your right, and my right to believe as I want to. But if,on this forum, you argue evolution vs. creation, I will give my opinion.

Posted 1256 days ago.


Also I have to say Ithink I get the feeling that the only freedoms and liberties you are concerned about are ones specific to you.

I doubt that you care one bit that I feel that if given the chance religious folks would openly discriminate against people like me.

I am sure your response to that would be leave this country if I dont like it.

But I thought I was free to believe as I wish? I would ask.

Guess not eh?

Mob rule gotta love it.

Posted 1256 days ago.


A question I have is. Who is standing up for whats right and just?

Since we are a nation of many people why should things be catered to only one group, the majority group. True freedom cant exist in such an environment. Especially if it is ruled by a mob mentality. Which is what majority rule is.

I dont want anyone dictating to me what to believe. People want to be left alone. Is that too much to ask of religious groups?

It must be because people have to fight to carve out a spot for themselves in this supposed free nation.

Posted 1256 days ago.


Ithink the problem with religious organizations is that they have a hard time minding their own business.

People should not be encouraged or allowed to treat others however their beliefs dictate. You talk of discrimination but if allowed religious people would openly discriminate against anyone who went against their beliefs.

This is a free nation is it not?

Live and let live I say.

Posted 1256 days ago. Cyprus is trying to do.

WE are forced to buy insurance we don't want An important lost liberty to buy what we choose.

We have to get the government's permission to do almost anything to our own property. Sickening.

I could write a book about our descent into the land of the oppressed. Race and slavery are great topics for the left. The truth is, no one living now in America was ever a slave, but we are all fast becoming the enslaved.

Posted 1256 days ago.

The earth gets hotter and cooler, dryer and wetter, always has, always will. It is not my fault. Why do you care anyhow? If we just conveniently evolved, it can happen again.

I am more concerned with the freedoms and liberty we have lost and are losing.

Anti-discrimination laws have become more intrusive and have reached into private groups and are even forcing religious organizations to conform to secular values.

Tobacco laws become more controlling and ridiculous all the time.

Freedom of speech is just a memory. It is a hate crime now to state your opinion about someone. Unless they are a white Christian, and then you can say anything derogatory that you want.

If I have a spare bed room and need money badly, I have to rent it to someone whose behavior and sanitary habits, in my bed room, shortens their life expectancy, is not what I want there in my property.

We are spied on, and monitored, in everything we do. We are headed for our money to be taken from us lik

Posted 1256 days ago.


The water level drop in Lake Mead is because the Colorado River is being fed by summer runoff less due to less snow fall in the Rockies.

And I am sure you have seen the issues the south has faced with dropping water levels and drought conditions.

To that I can add in the issue of water aquifer depletion in places like plains states. Like the Ogallala Aquifer.

Posted 1256 days ago.

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