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52 days ago.

Who Lied About the Attack on 9/11/12?

It is incredible that democrats keep blathering about Romney lying, when we have the shock and disgust of seeing the president and his administration lying to us about the security of Americans. Unbelievable .


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No whats shameful is the fact that the right is exploiting the deaths of three people for political ends.

I am pretty sure it doesn't matter what the facts say about this issue. You guys WANT this to be a scandal. You WANT this to have negative implications for Obama. After all getting Obama is so important to your cause.

My question is how can this investigation be impartial when those seeking the investigation have a set agenda?

Its funny if we look back to the days and years after 9-11. Bush and his administration somehow escaped any punishment being sought for their failures in stopping the 9-11 attacks.

Hypocrisy much?

Posted 349 days ago.


But then again, if you promise free stuff, people tend to overlook certain things.

Posted 349 days ago.


I think Hillary will have a lot of 'slpainin to do. This won't be good for her ambition of being POTUS.

Posted 349 days ago.

This is the most disgraceful, shameful scandal I can remember from United States officials.

The "Whistleblowers" will speak Wednesday. Coverups from this bunch have been going on far too long.

h ttp://w ww.washingtonpost.c om/world/national-security/special-ops-halted-from-responding-to-benghazi-attacks-us-diplomat-says/2013/05/06/c3f311d4-b677-11e2-aa9e-a02b765ff0ea_print.html

Sometimes people get a mistaken idea of their own invulnerability when they get by with so much corruption. Those chickens do,indeed, come home to roost eventually.

Posted 350 days ago.

Did I put quotation marks around "exonerated",harry? No I did not. You were talking like the commission gave Obama a pass. It did not.

Posted 475 days ago.

And harry, YOU wrote

" So Ithink,

Are you saying that the two men who headed this independent commission, Mike Mullen (whom Republican George W. Bush appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) and Tom Pickering (whom Republican George H.W. Bush appointed Ambassador to the U.N.), are covering up for the current Democratic Administration? " and a bunch more stuff that I still don't know what you were talking about.

Posted 475 days ago.


Ithink, you wrote,

"I never could understand what harry was talking about here. The Obama administration was certain;y not exonerated. Just the Opposite."

Perhaps you couldn't understand because you didn't read what I wrote. I said nothing about exonerated. My posts were directed towards judging in advance of the facts. I concluded, "Wise and discriminating people are now free to form an initial judgment."

I said, "initial judgment." I could express that better by saying, "Wise people are now free to form a tentative judgment."

Nowhere did I claim the Administration was exonerated.

Posted 476 days ago.

I never could understand what harry was talking about here. The Obama administration was certain;y not exonerated. Just the Opposite.

"A scathing Senate committee report on the Benghazi terrorist attack faults the State Department for failing to adequately respond to mounting security threats in the lead-up to the assault. The report says the facility was woefully under-protected at a time when the region, according to a top department official, was "flashing red" -- yet security was not improved, and nobody recommended the compound be shut down."

Read more: ht tp://w ww.foxnews.c om/politics/2012/12/30/latest-senate-committee-report-on-benghazi-terrorist-attack-faults-state/#ixzz2GeiamzQY Hillary has a blood clot,huh? We will see. She is doing everything to protect her revised public image, so she can make history as the first woman president. And she has all the inside help she needs to do it.

Posted 476 days ago.

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