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420 days ago.
by Ohwiseone

Who Lied About the Attack on 9/11/12?

It is incredible that democrats keep blathering about Romney lying, when we have the shock and disgust of seeing the president and his administration lying to us about the security of Americans. Unbelievable .


Member Comments

"aaronS-have you given any particular attention to the format/structure of the hearing on Benghazi?It was arraigned and conducted in the same fashion as the one that dealt will woman's health care issues."

I have no idea what you're talking about. You'll have to elaborate.

Posted 887 days ago.

I'm not sure where we are wasting millions doing nothing, you'll have to elaborate. If you’re talking about these hearings, then I disagree. I think they are warranted and someone needs to answer questions, particularly when you add the fact that top military officials are publically stating more should have been done, which contradicts put forth by the Obama Administration

"...not ok to feed our fellow citizens…"

Why should my tax dollars be used to feed someone who is perfectly capable of feeding themselves? We're not talking about people suffering as citizens did during the great depression but instead people who draw unemployment for almost 2 years, receive food supplements, auto supplements, housing supplements, cell phones, gas money, utility supplements and on and on and on.

I'd ask you to show me where in the Constitution such spending is supported but I've study the document enough to know that section doesn't exist.

Posted 887 days ago.


aaronS-have you given any particular attention to the format/structure of the hearing on Benghazi?It was arraigned and conducted in the same fashion as the one that dealt will woman's health care issues.

Posted 887 days ago.

There's nothing right winger about me. I see through the fallacies of the right as I do the BS of you on the left. I happen to prefer the right on fiscal matters because most believe in limited spending based on what the constitution actually states and giving money back to those who earn it instead of those who are not willing to work via redistribution of wealth programs like those you on the far left cook up.

As for Obamacare, vast portions of it should be repealed as it’s simply a bad bill. Even Senate Democrats are starting to realize that. That’s why over half of them voted to repeal a section of the bill in March that dealt with taxes on medical devices. That’s only a small part of the largest tax increase on the American taxpayer which is what Obamacare is.

Posted 887 days ago.

"Just for giggles, give us your stance on those gay citizens marrying."

Marriage to our government is nothing more than a contract with well over 100 legal guarantees and legal ramifications in which two people enter into the contract freely. Under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, to deny two individuals the right to enter into that contract based on gender is unconstitutional.

As for DOMA, it is in direct conflict with the Full Faith and Credit Clause and must be struck down by the Supreme Court.

As for Obama beating ME at my own game, I have no idea what you're talking about. You're going to have to explain what you mean.

Posted 887 days ago.

And if you're trying to classify me as a rightwinger, that's just another area in which you are completely mistaken. I'm a constitutionalist who identifies more with libertarians than either party. I was against not only Bush’s war in Iraq but Obama’s Arab Spring in which this administration has routinely supported forces that have killed American soldiers in the name of revolution against dictators.

In fact, the only difference I see between Bush and Obama is how they approach non-discretionary spending. Obama wants to give it away to the poor through redistribution of wealth programs and Bush supported giving it back to those who work. That and Bush had a some character and sincerity whereas Obama is nothing but an arrogant charlatan who has campaigned continuously for 6 years to not only win every battle but to humiliate his opponent along the way.

Posted 887 days ago.

"The right hates Obama so much that only an insane person would not think that this Benghazi issue the right trying to get Obama.

But by all means investigate I support that."

You've proven my point. Your 'opinions' are about as credible as you claim the right to be.

“Especially with the lies surrounding the Iraq war.,.”

Unlike Kerry, Clinton, Edwards, Rockfeller, Boxer, Dodd, Graham, Durbin, Baucus, Reid and 19 other Democratic Senators, I sided with Bob Byrd on Iraq. Years later, Joe Biden and Jay Rockefeller, both prominent Defense committee members admitted that their committees and Democrats had access to the same intelligence as the Bush White House thus they are as much to blame for Iraq as GWB.

You hate the right but are their actions worse than the lefts in 1996, when they campaigned to end the Iraq War and upon winning back the House and the Senate, instead of ending the war they traded war funding for social funding?

Talk about despicable.

Posted 887 days ago.


Thats why when you come across an opinion and you dont agree with it. Its gotta be a leftwinger then eh?

By the way I dont vote because I truthfully dont believe in the lesser of two evils.

I say eviscerate both parties and kick them to the curb. Then maybe some progress can take place. Real progress at that.

I will be honest and say I am biased against the right. But they dont give me much reason to like them and see them as good leaders.

It is what it is.

Posted 887 days ago.


Just admit that you cant deal with an opinion that isn't tied to anyone political ideology.

Sorry bub I aint a sheep I think for myself.

The lesser of two evils is what its all about. I hate that its gotta be that way.

What can you do when the people of this country cant think outside of a left or right mindset?

Posted 887 days ago.


The right as it stands now should not be allowed to run this country. They aren't fit for the duty.

If Obama does wrong then he should be punished whatever.

The right hates Obama so much that only an insane person would not think that this Benghazi issue the right trying to get Obama.

But by all means investigate I support that.

The simple fact is the right aint got no room to talk and act all innocent. The dont know what real freedom is about and they cant keep their noses out of other peoples business.

I look at the issues right down the middle. But I can help it if the right is the ones making a glorious cluster phuck out of everything they touch.

Posted 887 days ago.

That's Marlarky Myth and you know it. You are excusing Obama and the reason is clear, you deept seated hatred for the right.

If you weren't excusing him then you could look at the facts and realize that there are indeed questions that need to be answered by the Obama Administration regarding Benghazi. You would also be able to recognize that left has ignored the facts since that day despite questions that deserve answers and that the media has played along as well, taking the same stance that you have in claiming that this is nothing more than a witch hunt.

At least be man enough to own up to the truth and stop implying this is a political charade by the right on one hand but then claim to be a centralist by making asinine comments like “If Obama is guilty…” You’re not fooling anyone on here.

Posted 887 days ago.


To use a phrase often employed by the right I don't know that people in Bushes administration didn't see to it that the attacks went though so the goal of rebuilding America's defenses could come to fruition. I don't know that terrorism wasn't used as a cover for the Bush administration policies following 9-11. Corporate dictated policies at that.

Just like Obama care today. I am almost willing to bet the the insurance industry bought off Obama.

Posted 887 days ago.


Blindly support Obama? Son if you knew the real truth. If the people knew the real truth. We would have a totally different country right now. Maybe for the better. You bringing up 72 or 86 was way before my political time. So I cant really speak to anything from those times.

I have my personal issues that I care about. Namely the safety of my personal beliefs or lack of. And science related issues.

But one thing that really makes me angry is the way the right conducted its business in the years following 9-11.

Especially with the lies surrounding the Iraq war. Sure the Democrats share blame in that too. But when the administration is staffed with warhawks who as a group in of themselves stated that for this nation's defenses to be rebuilt (coming from people with heavy ties to the defense industry)a Pearl Harbor like attack would need to happen. And low and behold it did happen.

Posted 887 days ago.

I'm not defending the right Myth, I realize that for many the motivation is purely political. My thoughts are "so what?" The lefts motivation were political in 72 and 86 and look what they uncovered. We may not see similar results here but if someone doesn't look, the public will never know. I've tried to make that point to you several times but all you do is blindly support Obama by calling this a witch hunt then claim to be the center opinion.


Posted 887 days ago.


Probably wouldn't take much more than a Barbie doll house table even for all your thoughts and room left over for her tea set.

Posted 888 days ago.


It's hilarious when someone criticizes the right or the left. The defending party is only prepared to offer a rebuttal by going to an attack on the party opposite of them. Right did this! Well lefty did that! And vise versa.

Posted 888 days ago.


I honestly don't give two sh!ts about Obama. From day one he's been a product in my opinion. You just can't face the fact the right is bursting with hypocrisy and double standard. The same can be said for the left.

I get the impression that you can't deal with a center line opinion. Which is we're I am at in my beliefs. And don't say any different because you don't know me.


I don't bring every thought I have to the table.

Posted 888 days ago.


Who cares what Bush did? The dems were never able to prove anything, so we may never know. Does that mean we are supposed to let what Obama did go? I don't think so - just because people believe Bush lied, doesn't give Obama the right to do the same thing or does it in a Mythological world?

Posted 888 days ago.

Who cares if you reject God? It is your choice. And if you want to talk about numbers of deaths, do something about the alcohol deaths. 14000 a year.

And why didn't obama's FBI pay attention to the tips about the terrorists in Boston? He never stops muslims. Wonder why.

Posted 888 days ago.

Ya know,myth, I do believe the Heritage Foundation has more credibility than you do, with your wild rants here.

And you always start whining about forced religion. Be an! atheist with no hope

That is a crock. Who caresif you

Posted 888 days ago.

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