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467 days ago.
by Ohwiseone

Who Lied About the Attack on 9/11/12?

It is incredible that democrats keep blathering about Romney lying, when we have the shock and disgust of seeing the president and his administration lying to us about the security of Americans. Unbelievable .


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I understand your point Ithink but not all of our founders believed in the party system. Washington lobbied hard against it as he believed it would be divide the nation, which it has. I don't have a problem with political parties, my problem is with the control the two parties possess. Extreme radicals control both parties so there's no way a person representing the interest of 60% of Americans can get elected. If a viable 3rd party does not evolve soon, I can see a fracture in this country.

Posted 932 days ago.

I don't think you're a charlatan myth, I stated that about our President. And the only thing I'm rooting for here is the truth, which is starting to come out as the report by ABC news yesterday morning shows. This administration is knee deep in lies and cover-ups that will see the light of day. Just as Nixon, Reagan and Clinton learned, if you tell a lie, sooner or later it will see the light of day.

As for your deep seated anger, you've made far too many comments for me to believe anything less.

Posted 932 days ago.

The founders ofour country belived in political parties. And if the main goal of our country is "change", we are in a bad way. We have a great and free country, and all we hear from the left, is stupid change.

Why do immigrants come here in droves? Many come to change us, and make us miserable like they are. And those famous women's rights that are going to be wiped away by republicans? Just wait until the muslims get to be in charge, as they plan.

Yes,, this woman republican is concerned.

Posted 932 days ago.


Oh I have no deep seated anger. Lol. Its more of a disgust that's taken root. And I am quite rational thank you.

You I think are a charlatan. After all anyone who labels themselves of any particular political disposition isn't really in the game to effect any sort of change.

You're just rooting for a team is all.

Posted 932 days ago.

State Department officials pressed for changes in the talking points that U.N. Ambasspador Susan Rice used after the deadly attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya last September, expressing concerns that Congress might criticize the Obama administration for ignoring warnings of a growing threat in Benghazi.

Posted 933 days ago.

Isn't that what you cried about for 8 years of Bush Myth!!!!!

I see that deep seated anger is still eating at you, to the point that you're not rational.

Posted 933 days ago.


Impeach Obama! Gitonoutaheuh boy!

Posted 933 days ago.

“After all they wouldn't have had to do anything. In fact that is exactly what they did do. Even though they had intel that something was coming…”

How many Presidents can you say that about? Wilson, FDR, LBJ? Yes to all three of those. In fact, each not only know what was coming down the pike, all 3 hid it from the American public, doing everything they could behind the scenes to draw the US into war including provoking the enemy and outright lying to the American public. Seems we have a long history of American Presidents who don’t have the courage to take their case to the American public.

That still doesn’t change the fact that on Benghazi, Obama got caught with his pants on fire and you’re still excusing him while criticizing Bush.


Posted 933 days ago.

I'll take that to mean what we already know Betsy, you don't have a clue what you're talking about so you'll try trash talking.

Posted 933 days ago.

I don't understand Betsy how pointing out negatives of the past on those from tge right justifies Obama's lies. Care to explain?

Posted 933 days ago.

“Allowing the attack to happen on the other hand….something was coming down the pipe possibly involving airliners.”

I don’t even buy that tripe. While there were whispers of pilot training, even if officials knew something was coming down the pipe involving planes, no one from either party would have shot down a passenger plane because no one fathomed terrorist using them in such a manner pre-9/11.

“If we are going to follow every single thread pertaining to Obama's the right and especially the tea party have done..why not expend some time on this?” The left did, for about 5 years. As hard as they tried, they got nowhere. You can’t keep blaming Bush for Obama’s shortcomings. Well, you can but you lose credibility.

“that McCain appeared to through the election to Obama?”

No, I noticed that the same thing happened in 2008 that happened in 2012. Obama outspent his opponent and went negative 90% of the time, telling half lies and mistruths and won the electio

Posted 933 days ago.

We must pay our fair share so obama can golf and surf in all the famous elite playgrounds.

Remember Benghazi. Ft Hood,and Boston. Not a Bush in sight.

Posted 933 days ago.

Great mythical posts written by the king of myth, aka mythravere.

Bush was already rich. He didn't need to use the presidency to become rich like Clinton and Obama did. And Al Gore used climate change. What good money making rackets.

Posted 933 days ago.


On a side note did you by perchance notice that McCain appeared to throw the election to Obama?


Posted 933 days ago.


After all they wouldn't have had to do anything. In fact that is exactly what they did do. Even though they had intel that something was coming down the pipe possibly involving airliners.

Do nothing then feign ignorance.

On a side note did you by perchance notice that McCain appeared to through the election to Obama?

Its as if he wasn't even trying and then he brought Palin on board.

Surely the man wasn't that stupid?

Posted 933 days ago.


Oh I dont think Bush blew it up so to speak.

Allowing the attack to happen on the other hand.

Well? I dont know that they wouldn't be so callous as to let it happen to achieve goals in a certain oil rich country. Goals that couldn't be met any other way.

If we are going to follow every single thread pertaining to Obama's the right and especially the tea party have done..why not expend some time on this?

After all the implications if it turned out to be true?

Not good. And we shouldn't leave a stone unturned in the defense of this nation.

Or does that only apply to the left leaning types.

Posted 933 days ago.

We've all heard the theories that Bush blew up the Trade Towers from Rosie O'Donnel and similar nut bags. Are you in her class? Is that what you are alluding too? If so, I'll stop wasting my time interacting with you as that theory has been disproven time and again.

Posted 933 days ago.


Lets talk about wrong doing.

And I am willing to bet money none of you will touch this subject.

It goes back to 9-11-01.

Why did something that was heralded as necessary for the rebuilding of this nation's defenses(a Pearl Harbor like attack)come to pass with the same people who wrote the paper that put forth that notion in power at the time of the attack.

You guys like long crooked lines of association when it comes to your scrutiny of Obama.

Ok peeps. Lets turn your scrutinizing skills against this issue.

A point of reference is the Project for a New American Century. Or PNAC.

Kinda of a strange coincidence in that subject.

Posted 933 days ago.


And yea the foreign policy of Bush and Obama is near identical.

Oh and I am not excusing anyone. I'm just focusing on one side for the time being.

Of course you are going to say that aint so! Eh?

Right now the right is the bigger threat to this country.

Once they wean themselves off of jacka55 pills then the focus can turn toward the left.

Posted 933 days ago.


"The right lives by slogans?????? Hope and change, yes we can. Fair share etc"

LOL! Perfect example of what I have been saying about only being able to deal with things in a left versus right manner.

Hope and Change is a joke! Along with ObamaCare etc.

Posted 933 days ago.

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